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Top Health Lookouts For Your Children

Life goes so fast it can be hard to notice the smaller things changing. Especially in your children who are changing day to day anyway. Sometimes it’s hard to know when there’s something wrong. Especially if you’ve got a really busy life and are juggling work and family life. Here are some of the top health lookouts for your children. Children of course differ widely, so what’s here may not apply to you or your family, but it can certainly give you something to think about and it can potentially help you spot something. If you’re ever worried, the doctor or a healthcare professional should be your first port of call.

Sight Woes

Luckily, this is one of those things that your child can tell you about. However, some don’t. The reason for this is that they don’t know any different. It’s what they’re used to. They mat have always been able to see in their own way and not know how life can be different. Look out for squinting, or widening of the eye. If they’re looking at pictures or text, how close are they holding it to their face? Once you’ve got it sorted it can be hard finding the right site to buy cheap glasses but try not to worry, make sure you find something they like and find comfortable rims with the right strength. Remember, they’re growing. It’s something they need to get retested for multiple times as they get older.



This is a fairly easy spot. They just won’t hear you. They may struggle when there is background noise in the mix. Or they might find it hard when their back is to you. A simple hearing test can put to bed any amounts of worry on your part. It might be worth having a chat with their teachers too to see if they’ve noticed anything similar. 


It’s quite common in younger children and manifests as a pretty nasty stomach ache. They’ll complain about it at first as a small pain, but it’ll grow to the point of them not being able to walk or move. Call an ambulance if you suspect it’s appendicitis. They’ll be fine, even if it bursts. It’s a common procedure but it’s one you want to catch as soon as you possibly can. You can tell from “rebound” pain, which is where pain ensues when pressure is taken off the right part of the abdomen. 

Watch Out For Meningitis

It’s one of those diseases with symptoms similar to a cold or flu, but if it isn’t caught quick the results can be deadly. You’re looking for light sensitivity, headaches, temperature, confusion, vomiting…the full list can be found here. One of the best catches is the meningitis rash. It starts small as pinpricks but quickly turns into blotches. A great way to tell if this is meningitis or not is by checking whether the rash fades when pressing a glass against it. If it doesn’t fade, you know it could be meningitis and need to seek urgent medical attention because it could be sepsis. 



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