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How Can You Make More Money From Shopping


The average household grocery budget for a month varies greatly depending on where you live in the United States. A family in Atlanta, for instance, will spend on average $314 per month, while Seattle households need to spend over $200 more for their monthly shopping. 


But location isn’t the only disparity factor for households across the U.S. Career and working hours will make a huge difference in your approach to food. A family where both parents are working long hours, for instance, is more likely to spend more on processed meals and prepared foods. On the other hand, households, where parents have more spare time during the day, prefer to prepare their ingredients and meals at home. This is a cheaper alternative, yet one that is time-demanding. 


Additionally, a household of 2 to 3 persons (a couple or couple with one child) will spend less than a household with 3 children or more. So how can you make money from your shopping when you can cut down expenses through strict budgeting? 


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Sell your unwanted items

You may not be able to save money on your grocery shopping, but you can find ways of turning bought items into more grocery cash. Decluttering your household can be an unsuspected source of income. Whether it’s the old kid’s toy that nobody uses or the ugly sweater you’ve received as a gift, there is a lot of cash in your unwanted items. You can sell most of them online or through specialist shopping networks and make some money. It might not be much (unless you’ve got rare articles), but it’s enough to take off the financial pressure of expensive grocery lists!


Consider cashback options

A cashback program essentially rewards you for spending money. You can find different types of cashback rewards. Some, such as the Checkout Saver network, combine a variety of discounts and saving techniques to give you the best possible deal on everything you buy. So, you can save on all your shopping, including some amazing grocery offers. 

Other programs build a loyalty clause that rewards frequent shoppers. For instance, your local supermarket could give you a discount on your future grocery shopping as a thank-you for buying from them. 


Get paid to review items

Writing honest and detailed product reviews can be a unique opportunity for households to save a ton of money. You can get paid through different strategies for your reviews. Some brands will offer cash while others are likely to provide free merchandise. You can become a paid product tester for household brands if you match the survey criteria. Product testing panels have unique screening surveys that will define your eligibility. Don’t be disheartened if you’re not a match. Every brand has unique audience groups they want to test. Your time will come! 


Become a brand advocate

Brand advocates are active on social media. As a blogger, you can use your digital presence to promote brands and products you love. Brand sponsorships are a popular strategy, during which a brand pays you to review and promote their item to your audience group. 


If you’re still hunting discount cards to take a few dollars off your grocery shopping, it’s time to look for alternatives. Decluttering profits can make up your grocery shopping budget for several months if you’re smart about what you’re selling. Additionally, you can also turn to new products to offer your services as a tester. You could receive many household products for free in the process! 



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