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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Child-Safe

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Home Child-Safe

As a parent, you know how crucial it is to ensure your children are safe at all times. Although the home seems like the safest place for them all, there are still potential dangers. Whether your children are playful or not, they may be occasions when they could trip over something or leave the house because of an open door. To make your home more child-safe and free from potential hazards, keep reading.

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Safe Doors and Windows

One of the safest ways to keep your child from going outside and aimlessly running off are safe doors and windows. Installing double-locking mechanisms will prove difficult for any child to unlock. Taking the key out of the doors and windows when they are locked will also help and it will lower the chance of them wanting to turn the key and see what happens. 


Children love to be adventurous and will often try to go outside when you aren’t watching to play in the garden without permission. Although it is good and healthy for your children to play in the garden, if you are not watching them they could get into all kinds of trouble. 


For example, your child might like to wander around the front of your home and go into the garage. Firstly, the garage is often a place where you keep hazardous tools that could cause harm and danger to your child. Or, if your garage door won’t open, your child may try and force it because they want to get in and play and then end up hurting themselves. Thus, ensuring your child cannot wander outside without your permission will limit the danger they could get in to.

Creepy Crawly Traps

We all know how scary creepy crawlies can be when you’re young. So, limiting the amount that enters your home with traps can keep your child safe from bites or choking hazards. Your child may be clueless as to what the creature is and pick it up to eat it. There are endless possibilities so keeping creepy crawlies out will reduce the danger your child could get into when coming into contact with one. 


A guide for protecting your home from spiders or mice might be essential to keep your children safe, and ultimately not scare them. Understanding the best ways to keep each individual creepy-crawly species out will limit the vulnerability. 

Keep Dangerous Items Locked Up

We all have dangerous items lying around the home. Without children, these can cause harm and risk anyway. Large knives, sharp objects, and heavy items can fall onto you, cut your skin, or push over other dangerous items. 


Keeping them locked up is much better than keeping them out of sight. You never know when your child will attempt to climb up onto a cupboard or a table, which is where the dangerous item might be. Putting them in cupboards that have child locks will stop your children from coming into contact with them. 

Child-Proof Openings

Installing childproof doors and lids to storage and bins will stop your child from easily accessing danger hazards. These will work to make it difficult and complex for the child to use. For toddlers and young children, in time they will give up. For crawling babies, they will attempt to open the door, bin, or storage unit and after not being able to open it, they won’t try again. So, making them child-proof will put them off of trying to see what’s inside. 


A childproof bin lid is a great example of how these can make your home more child-safe. With a childproof bin lid, your child will not be able to open the bin and get out its contents. Whether it’s old food or cleaning products in the bin, it may cause harm to your child. Children often put random things in their mouth, even if it is from the bin. So preventing them from doing that will keep them safe and healthy.

Safety Gates

Using safety gates at the top and bottom of your stairs will prevent your children from aimlessly running up and down them. They will prevent falls and stop them from leaving your site.


Children love to wander off, especially to go upstairs alone to see what activity or toy they can play with. So having a gate to stop them from going upstairs alone can reduce the risk of falls and accidents. 



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