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Our newest “baby”…

Hey yall!

Ok, so I don’t know why it has taken my SO long to write about this, but alas, 2020 was the year everything got away from me.

Anyway, in April 2020, Cele and I decided to begin  new little side business, called AmCel Creations! Basically, we are a small design and gift shop. Cele and I design most of our creations ourselves, and I make everything by hand. We are truly a little two-man shop working from our dining room table, so it’s realllllly small and new, but 2020 blew us away by showing us just how quickly we could grow!

It’s been a year of growing and learning, finding our niche and what our customers want. We do a lot of custom orders, but we also have a website full of designs we love. Everything is made to order, so expect a one-week turnaround time if you order from our site (hello 4 kids and 2 full-time jobs!) But, we really do work our bottoms off to get your orders out to you quickly!

So what are some of our best-sellers or favorite items? I’d love to give you guys a quick tour of everything we can do, but of course, visit to see everything we have!


Drinkware is my favorite category and definitely our most popular! We make everything from wine tumblers, to coffee mugs, to color changing cups, and even personalized Starbucks cups! This is also going to be where we make the most growth, as I begin my journey into glitter tumblers! Exciting things coming on that front! Here are a few pictures of our current best-sellers.



Shirts are another fun category that I get to really show a lot of creativity with. This is also Cele’s favorite category, and he is usually my test subject that I make shirts for! He loves designing them, so this is really where our teamwork comes into play!

We aren’t really into making shirts using pre-made designs (other people’s SVGs that they have created) and instead we prefer to design our own shirts! So 99% of the time, you’re buying an AmCel Creations ORIGINAL! A lot of shops sell shirts using pre-made designs, but we pride ourselves on having an in-house designer 😛


Gifts and Goodies

So this is really how it all got started- with these decorative name tiles you see below! I created these for Mother’s Day last year and it really just catapulted from there! Of course, we’ve expanded into other gifts and goodies, as well!

Holiday Exclusives and Special Collections

This is probably my favorite area of the business! I love creating new items specifically around each holiday, as well as dedicated to my favorite pop culture. Right now, our favorite lines are Schitt’s Creek, Disney, and Among Us! And of course, we are in the midst of Valentine’s Day and heading into Easter!


Custom Orders

Of course, aside from everything on our website, a lot of our orders come from friends, family, and new customers that are requesting custom orders! We are completely available to help you bring any idea to life- just email us at!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, our website, and our VIP Group on Facebook!

Thank you all for all the love and support over the past year!




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