Pancakes with my Middle Little

This morning was slow. This morning, I focused on just one babe- my Middle Little, Andres (I guess that’s a decent way to say Kid #3?) I woke up early for a Saturday, at 5:20, to sneak in a workout (Day 4 ya’ll, but I’m trying!) Got in the whole workout without being interrupted by a screaming kid, which is a whole dang miracle in itself. Of course, that got my morning started on the right foot and I had a feeling things would be A OK today.

I came back up, made coffee (12 cups, sir) and sat down to design some wine tumblers that a customer had ordered. Like clockwork as I saved my project, I heard the pitter patter of little feet that I so longed for all my life, but that now can cause a source of stress as I know my day is about to go from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat the moment the first kid wakes up. It’s usually a mad dash of whiney, up-to-early kids that all have to have the same toy at the same time and want chips for breakfast. The usual.

But today, it was just Andres. He’s 3 now, and 3 is tough, man. He came over with a bag of chips (told ya) asking me to open them and sobbing when I wouldn’t. So, we compromised on sprinkle pancakes. I got down on his level, talked to him, hugged him, and he wobbled over with his chair because “I wanna help you, mama!!” Of course, nothing fancy here- Bisquick, milk, and a shaker of sprinkles ensued. But, it was so nice to be able to just spend time with him, cooking together and laughing while the rest of the house snoozed peacefully.

Right as breakfast was ready, a sleepy shadow of Anissa struggled down the stairs (she’s almost SEVEN NOW Y’ALL!! I can’t even believe it) and guess what- me being in a good mood made her be in a good mood.

I really have to focus on that this year, so ya’ll keep me honest please. I struggle with one thing going wrong and sending me into a tizzy of frustration and stress, but I’m really trying to be conscientious of that and know that I can come back from things going wrong. I’m also trying to be more positive and happy with my kids because, I’m not going to lie, with 4 small kids, I’m usually more stressed and frazzled than smiley, and that’s not what I want.

Anyway, I hear more footsteps coming down! But a workout, blog post, and breakfast done before 7:30 am? Today’s a win already!

XOXO and Happy Saturday,



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