We’ve Missed You!!! 2020 Update

Hey y’all!

OMG- I have been the world’s WORST Blogger ever and for that, I am so sorry!!

As we start 2021, one of my goals is to devote more time and attention to this blog, making sure to update more of our personal lives and take it back to its roots of a true lifestyle blog.

2020 was crazy for us, not unlike all of you, I’m sure. To name a few things, we survived:

  1. A global pandemic (high five to everyone on that one)
  2. A new baby (he’ll be a year old this week!!! I can’t even)
  3. Covid-19 (yup, we had it in July)
  4. Online teaching (March – May)
  5. Hybrid teaching (August- current… and I use the term “surviving” very loosely)
  6. A new job (same company but new division) for Cele, and becoming 100% work from home
  7. Starting a new business (AmCel Creations). More on that in the next post!
  8. Home rennovations (remember back in Jan. 2020 when our house flooded!)
  9. An accidental 6-month maternity leave (thanks Covid)

We also celebrated all 6 of our birthdays during a pandemic, which meant lots of drive-bys and masked celebrations. We’ve squeezed some fun times in, and honestly, I’m grateful in a way for a year that has forced us to slow down a bit and focus in on other parts of our lives. It’s been such a tough year, and I hope 2021 is looking up for everyone. I can’t wait to post more and get back on my The Accidental Mrs. game! <3

Love to all!


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