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Struggling with Homeschooling?

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With more parents that ever being forced to homeschool their children, the stresses that can come with home-based teaching are becoming ever more apparent. It’s not unusual for parents to find the process difficult, especially if they’ve never homeschooled before, but there are lots of things you can do to make the whole process easier…

Seek support

If you’re struggling with homeschooling, don’t go through it alone. Look online for places where seasoned homeschoolers band together to talk shop and ask them for advice. On the whole, they’re lovely people who will be only too happy to share what they’ve learned with you.

If your child usually attends school, but can’t due to Covid-19 restrictions, chances are that thor regular teachers will also be on hand to help and only an email away if you need them. Make use of whatever support you can find and don’t feel embarrassed if you aren’t exactly nailing it.

Set a schedule

It’s usually a lot easier to get through a day of homeschooling where you have at least a loose schedule to follow. That way, everyone knows what is expected of them and when, which eases the stress a little, and you can book in lots of break times for play, calming outdoor walks, a soothing cup of tea, or whatever you need to get you and the children through the day successfully.

Hire a tutor

Hiring an online tutor for a few sessions each week is a great way to get some respite and ensure that the kids are getting all of the help they need with those subjects you find tricky, If you can afford it, it’s a great way to make things a bit stressful.

Enroll in online school

Another, albeit more expensive option, could be to enroll the kids full-time in a great Online Prep High School where they will have full access to highly qualified teachers who will ensure they are up to speed and keep them busy all day, That way, you’ll only have to worry about supervising and ensuring that they’re at their computer when they need to be.

Do the bare minimum

If you’re really struggling and paying for outside help is not possible for whatever reason, you should not feel guilty about dropping your standards for a while and doing the bare minimum that you all need to get through. As long as the kids are up, dressed, fed, and doing a little bit of reading and maths each day, does it really matter if they aren’t as productive as they could be for a day or two?

Take time out

Trying to educate your kids for eight hours a day five days a week from home is not going to happen. They might be able to manage it at school when they have that structure and the presence of their teachers to keep them in line, but at home, it’s more difficult and you’re all likely to be less stressed if you take time out to exercise, play, read for pleasure or whatever you need to do. Plan for breaks and meltdowns will be fewer and far between.

Good luck on your homeschooling journey!



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