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The Essential Guide To The Perfect Nursery

When you welcome the little patter of tiny feet, you are filled with an overabundance of love. Gone are the days of worrying only about you and your partner. You now have this new tiny human being to look after, nurture and care for. You want your little cherub to have the most wonderful environment in which to thrive. This begins at home. The nursery that you create should be warm, comforting and conducive to excellent sleep, happy memories and joy for your little one. However, there are so many baby books out there telling you exacting standards that you need to fulfil for your baby’s nursery that you can begin to fret over your choice of crib, the hue for the walls, and your furniture choices.

A nursery needs to be a room that you and your child adore. Don’t get too bogged down in the science of it all and make designing your little one’s nursery a fun and rewarding experience. Follow this guide to perfecting the ideal nursery for your newborn.


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Before you begin the fun decor stuff, you need to ensure that the room is fit for habitation. Any damp patches on the wall or mold around the window fascias need investigation. Mold spores can be harmful and signify the presence of damp in the winter. Get a builder in to check your walls and cavities, and apply a damp course and re-skim the plaster if needed. Check the windows for drafts. If your little darling is in his or her crib, you don’t want a chilly breeze to keep them awake. If you need to explore the fitting of new glazing, check out your local Renewal by Andersen dealer who can fit made to measure windows. This means that drafts will be non-existent, outside noise will be reduced, and the nursery can be energy efficient.


It’s always a good idea to grasp onto a theme. Even if it a loose guide, it can help inspire your decor choices within the nursery. Think about a theme of dinosaurs, angels, pastel hues, cars, or fairytales. These themes will help you select the colors for the walls, the stencils that you might want to apply, and the mural that you might want to create. A theme will give your little one fun and exciting things to look at.

A focal point is a wonderful idea to create a more meaningful room. Some nurseries choose the crib as the focal point, but others have features readymade for something to draw the eye. A large bay window or an alcove could be perfect for a toy box, an oversized teddy bear or another piece of furniture within the room. Utilizing the space within a nursery means that the focal point creates the illusion of extra square footage.


Babies and toddlers learn through touch as much as sight. They want stimulating things to look at but they also need interesting textures to explore. Consider a range of textiles like velvet, fleece, cotton and wool in throws, cushions and fabrics. Under your supervision, these materials can give your little one a highly sensory experience. They will enjoy heading into their room to settle if they have a variety of different textures to touch.

The Ceiling

As a baby often sleeps on their back, do consider decorating the ceiling of your nursery. A cloud or sky design with little characters and birds or a nighttime sky can be interesting for your little darling to look at as they settle down in their crib. A hanging mobile has been utilized for centuries to help little ones fall asleep and rest their weary eyes. Your ceiling can do the same thing.

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Make The Nursery Work For You

Although the nursery has to have the calming pastel hues for your baby, you also need it to work in a practical way for you as a mom. Ensure that you are able to create a space for a nursing station. A chair to gently rock your little darling to sleep at night and to feed your little one is crucial. You also need space to change your baby at an elevated station, not to mention the space you need for the crib. Smaller, more compact and cozy rooms are ideal for nurseries as they create warm, loving and nest-like spaces in which your little one can rest.

Don’t feel under pressure to follow faddy trends. Instead, follow this simple guide and you can create the perfect nursery for your newborn.


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