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The Only Bag You Need This Summer

Crossbody bags are not only in style, they are among the most practical and versatile handbags. You can find many different sizes, colors and materials for a crossbody bag, so it is recommended to take the time to find the right one for your lifestyle and intended use. So that your crossbody bag lasts you years to come, opt for one of good quality and possibly made of leather, such as an Italian crossbody bag from Mirta, a startup that connects customers with local Italian artisans.

If you are looking for why this should be your go-to bag, here are some of the benefits of owning and carrying a crossbody bag:

It is secure

Since a crossbody bag is pulled over your shoulder and wrapped around your body, it is a safe and secure handbag option. Many people feel safer about their personal belongings when they have them secured and always on them. A crossbody bag is very difficult to be snatched off your person from a thief and is also a bag that is natural to keep on even when sitting down for a coffee, etc. (which helps to avoid leaving your handbag behind!)

It is hands-free

While a top handle bag is beautiful, it is not always practical while you are out and about. A crossbody, while still stylish, is a hands-free handbag option so you can do what you need to do and still always have your bag on you. You can quickly access the essentials from your bag without having to put it down, and this can save on time and fussing around with your handbag.

No slipping

A traditional bag that you carry on one shoulder often slips off your person and constantly requires adjusting, which can get frustrating. A crossbody bag stays in place and requires little to no fussing, plus it distributes the weight of the bag on both sides of your body which helps to maintain its place.

Lots of room and storage 

A crossbody bag can hold your essentials, and if you opt for a medium or large bag you can gain even more room and storage. Most crossbody bags come with a side zippered pouch where you can put your essentials you want to protect and keep separate such as your keys and credit cards, and then the main body of the bag for everything else.

It has a great look 

Practical benefits of the crossbody bag are plenty, but there is also the fact that it also has a great look. The crossbody bag is smart and has a modern twist on the traditional handbag, so you get the form and the function from it.


Do you have a crossbody bag? If so, do you like it?




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