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Are We Falling Victim To Scams That Create Further Financial Problems?


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We live in a world that is dominated by money. We also find that once debt strikes, we are stuck in a perpetual circle that leaves us devastated. It can ruin business and therefore impact the economy in a negative way; however it’s also important to note that debt does occur and is incredibly common. Here are some facts to wrap your head around:

  • More than 189 million Americans have credit cards.
  • The average credit card holder has at least four cards.
  • On average, each household with a credit card carries $8,398 in credit card debt.
  • Total U.S. consumer debt is at $13.86 trillion.

With all these being said, it is easy to fall victim to the system and create further debt that stops us from progressing in the ways that we want. There are plenty of theories that the government is only contributing to our debt and therefore it leaves us open to further problems. By being able to look at things outside the box, it may mean that we can aid our debts and change things sooner. With the Debt to Success System you can learn further about the changes that are occurring, including:

  • A world government of delegated powers.
  • Strong immediate limitations on national sovereignty.
  • International control of all armies and navies.

When we look at personal debt, we feel incredibly swamped by all the legalities and the loss of money each month. However by looking at the bigger picture you can see that there is a lot more at play. Debt held by the public was $16.1 trillion and intragovernmental holdings were $5.87 trillion, for a total of $21.97 trillion. Any debts that you have accumulated are a very small piece in the grand scheme of things, but it can leave you feeling totally overwhelmed. The repayments can easily spiral out of control which is what makes DTSS so vital and really popular. You can take back the control that the government has taken from your hands. 

Getting rid of debt can be of huge benefit to you in the long run. You probably have been dreaming of saving money; whether that’s for business or personal reasons. This can be achieved with a new money mindset. It’s important to remember that the way in which we spend money is going to impact our savings. By getting to grips with a new mindset, you can look towards a more profitable future. You may want to look at getting a calendar that allows you to pin your outgoings to see what is going in and going out and on what dates. Can this be reduced further? Are there ways to cut the costs back? The first step to taking back control is education on the system and also educating yourself on your own finances and how your bank works. It is time to start looking to a more positive future, debt free and creating the life you have always dreamed of.


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