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5 Ways To Support Someone In Hospital During Lockdown

Health is something that we’ve all been thinking about a lot lately. And whether or not you know someone who has suffered with Covid-19, you may also have experienced a loved one going into hospital during the lockdown. This situation is naturally tough as we can’t visit them, like we could under normal conditions. So what can you do to support someone in hospital under quarantine conditions

Don’t Be Afraid To Communicate 


Typically, we might worry about being a bother to someone who is undergoing medical treatment, but there’s nothing like wording a supportive message or just letting them know you’re thinking about them when they feel isolated and unwell. It doesn’t have to be complicated – just let them know that they are in your thoughts and you’re wishing them well. It can be a truly touching thing that may well mean more to them than you know. 


Put Together A Care Package 


When they are coming home, it’s a great idea to put together a care package personalised to what they like, and the treatments they may be undergoing. For instance, if they’re receiving chemotherapy, things like anti-nausea wristbands, a soft scarf, a book of math and logic puzzles or an adult coloring book to pass the time can really help to make them feel supported, alleviate their quarantine boredom with activities or just make them raise a smile at a time when they may be struggling to feel good. 


Offer Practical Help


If you aren’t very good with words or knowing what to say when things go wrong, offering practical support is a great way to show you care. Things like preparing some simple healthy recipes and cooking them in disposable foil trays that don’t have to be washed up and returned can work. Or you could prep some bags of ingredients that can be frozen and put in a slow cooker. Other things like doing some gardening or cleaning around the house to make things easier for them can be hugely appreciated as well. 


Care For The Carer


Depending on who the person you love whose ill is, they may have a partner or a family member taking most of the strain of looking after them. Supporting this person can be a hugely kind thing to do – offering them a virtual shoulder to cry on or vent their worries, giving them a rest occasionally by taking over some of their duties – when you take care of the carer you are allowing them to replenish themselves and keep going with  their own caring efforts – so polish up your listening skills


Check In On A Video Call


Getting together may not be allowed at the moment, especially if the person you care about has a lowered immune system thanks to illness. But use technology to fill the gap a little bit by scheduling a regular video call with them. This can really help to let you feel connected. Ask them about their day, play a silly game, give them a tour of your garden in bloom – there are lots of ways to connect on a video call and share a moment together. 


Times may be strange, but with a little thought, you can still make the best of it and show someone special that you care and wish them a speedy recovery. 


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