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Lockdown Life: How To Host A Remote Game Night

Lockdown has put life into perspective. At the moment, people are trying to figure out how to take care of elderly loved ones or be productive as they work from their home office. 

Being productive is essential, especially when you’re bound to the house for the foreseeable future. But, so is letting off steam. There are only so many times you can watch Netflix on the sofa, which is why a game night is a perfect option.

With the help of Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you can invite family and friends and recreate the good times. Of course, you need to set ground rules because things will get competitive!

Pick Your Poison

There are tons of games on the table, and everyone will have a different idea of what you should play. If you want to keep it simple, you can’t beat an old-fashioned quiz with classic categories such as “General Knowledge,” “Sport,” and “Science.” Of course, you can spice things up by playing charades, which is perfect for a video-based event. Or, you may decide that Pictionary is more suitable.

As the host, you get to choose. You should listen to what the contestants have to say, but make an informed decision based on what you think is best.

Highlight The Rules

Not everyone is going to understand how to play, while others may bend the rules a little. Yes, cheating does happen during an innocent game of Scrabble! Therefore, you need to ensure that everybody understands the rules of engagement. For example, there should be a device ban during the duration of the event. Otherwise, people may rely on their best friend, Google! That doesn’t mean contestants can’t practice for a game. If they want to unscramble words or watch quiz shows, that’s up to them. 

But, when it comes to game time, no performance-enhancing tools are allowed.

Set A Timer

You don’t want the game to go on all night. You may be in self-isolation, but you still have to sleep! With that in mind, you may want to consider a timer for each round or question. Not only does it help the game to flow, but it ensures everyone is playing by the same rules (see above). Some games are easier to time than others, for instance, charades. However, you can set time limits for quizzes, too.

Fifteen to twenty seconds per question should give everyone a chance to write down an answer.

Be Flexible

While you want the event to run as smoothly as possible, there are going to be glitches. Your family and friends may not have the best WiFi connection, which puts them at a disadvantage. Plus, older relatives could struggle with technology. You don’t want anyone to miss out, so it’s vital to be flexible. Yes, have time limits, yet repeat the question or go back to it later if lagging prevents contestants from hearing properly. That way, everybody gets a fair shot at winning.

Lastly, have fun. It’s game night – it’s supposed to be entertaining!


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