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Keeping Your Kids Safe in the Car

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Having a car is great for families. Of course, public transport is preferable in terms of the environment, cost and sometimes speed. But the luxury of being able to keep your kids contained to one space while you travel, being able to carry plenty of luggage and belongings and not being confined to set stops and travel times is more than worth the investment for many of us. It’s important to remember, however, that cars can be dangerous in certain situations. Here are a few different things you can do to keep your kids safe while you’re driving.

Make Sure They Have the Right Seats

Kids need different types of seats to ensure that they’re protected should you experience a car accident or other incident on the roads. Generally speaking, cars are designed with adults in mind and alterations have to be made to ensure your little ones are clipped in properly and secure. The type of addition or seat you need will depend on the age and size of your little ones. Babies need baby seats where they can lie comfortably, where their head is supported and where the seat is securely clipped in. As kids grow older, they’ll grow into booster seats, which allow them to sit upright, but which give them a boost to increase their height. If you’re unsure of what your child needs, inquire at a stockist. They’ll be able to give you all of the advice you need. It’s a good idea to take your child along or take their measurements beforehand. Failure to provide proper seating could result in injury and injuries can include a variety of issues for your kids. Make getting the right seat a priority!

Ensure Everyone Stays Clipped In

Seatbelts are essential for safety. The problem? They can’t be permanently locked for the drive. Your kids will easily be able to press the button and unclip themselves when they reach a certain age. They might press the button for the fun of it. They might purposefully press the button because they find the seat belt uncomfortable. Either way, it’s important to check your kids remain clipped in for the entire journey.

Keep Them Distracted

Kids can start to squabble or exhibit bad behaviour in the car when left to their own devices. They can get bored on long drives and can start acting in ways they can’t while you’re driving. They might fight. They might do a whole manner of things that could compromise their safety or distract you from focusing on the road ahead. So, it’s a good idea to have some sort of distraction at hand for them. This could be as simple as suggesting games of I spy, having some colouring books and crayons on board or having other car travel games they can play with each other. Kids playlists can work well for family sing along too.

Cars are now safer than ever before. But it’s important that you follow the above steps to help maximise safety during each and every journey!


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