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Consider The Cost Of Your New Furry Friend

Are you thinking about bringing a pet home that the whole family can enjoy? This could be a great decision but there are advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider here. For instance, one advantage is that a pet can be a great way to teach children responsibility. You can make sure that they are responsible for looking after the new little life that you bring into your home. One disadvantage is always going to be the cost. Regardless of what pet you choose, it could end up eating into your monthly budget quite a bit. Some are obviously more expensive than others. For instance, while a horse will easily cost a thousand per month, a fish can be looked after for less than fifty. 

It’s true to say that the cost of a pet is probably one of the main reasons why animals are sent back or end up in shelters. So, let’s take a look at some of the costs that you need to consider here. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to explore the full costs of a new pup. 

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The Friend Itself

The very first cost that is associated with getting a new furry friend, is, of course, the actual purchase. Animals don’t always come cheap, and depending on what you decide to purchase, you could be looking at a pretty hefty price tag. That’s not to say it’s not worth it, but you might need to consider this before you actually get around to searching for your new pet. You need to be prepared for how much it could actually cost, and set yourself a realistic budget so as not to overspend.

Some people even have to save up to be able to afford a furry friend and you might have to as well. Take a brief look around and work out roughly how much you should expect to pay, and then have a proper search when you have the funds in place. Hop from page to page looking exactly what you want. It’s going to be much easier to find someone to love when you have the funds available, rather than seeing all these pets that you want but can’t have just yet.

The cost of your friend is going to depend on the breed you want. Some can cost five hundred while others will run you fifteen hundred. You can, of course, save a lot of money if you take on a rescue job. However, these may cost more in terms of medical bills. 


Feeding The Floof

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Another expense that you’ve got to consider is feeding your new best friend. Sure, it’s cheaper than when you head out to the supermarket and buy food, especially if you add up how much it costs to feed you for a month against the cost of what they eat. Same as with human food, there are different brands and they’re going to vary in price, but it might be trial and error until you find one that they enjoy. You can figure out whether or not they enjoy the food based on how they approach it. If they eat without complaint, then you’re onto a winner, but if they sniff at it, or pick a piece up and spit it out, you’ll have to try the next one.

We suggest that you take a look around and see what’s recommended by others who own the same type of animal. This should give you a good indication of what the best brands are, and what is most popular. You can then see which one fits into your budget and go from there. 

The cost of feeding your pup also depends on the breed. Generally speaking, larger dogs are always going to cost you more in food. It’s the difference between $50 per month and a $150. So, while you might love the idea of having a great day or a german shepherd, the cost of feeding your dog is definitely a key concern. 


Vet Visits

You’re not going to be able to avoid the vet, so don’t even bother trying. At some point, you’re going to have to take them to the vet, even just for a check-up. The vet can be expensive, and you’ve got to be prepared for this. To help with the cost, make sure that you have insurance in place. Do this as soon as you get your pet so that if there is a problem, it can be dealt with as soon as possible without you ending up with a huge bill. Each type of cover is going to be a little different, and some vets offer packages that others don’t, so keep your eye out for the best deal.

Your premium is going to depend on the type of dog that you get and whether or not they are more at risk of certain medical issues. Generally speaking, expect to pay up to $100 per month in terms of the insurance. Insurance is always worth investing in because without it you will end up with an expensive bill that reaches the thousands for anything from surgery to medicine



Your little friend is going to need something to play with! You can’t just expect them to sit around all day doing nothing, sleeping, waking up and then going back to sleep. That’s not a life for any pet, which is why you’ve got to ensure that they have toys to keep them occupied. This is especially important if you’re out or in another room so that they have something to do rather than just miss you. There is a whole range of toys that you can purchase either from a store or online, it just takes a little time to look around and find something you think your pet would enjoy.



Finally remember, some dogs need to be groomed far more than others. So, again, it’s all about the breed. Generally speaking, getting your dog groomed once every couple of months isn’t going to be unreasonable. 

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