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What Really Matters?

COVID-19 has gripped the whole world. With countries either in lockdown or asking people to stay at home and distance themselves from other people, it’s been a difficult time.

We’ve learnt a lot during this time of crisis. One of the biggest lessons has been how quickly everything can change. How fragile we really are. However, we have also been given a gift during this pandemic, the gift of time. 

Sometimes we need to be forced to stop and reflect and although dealing with all the worries a global pandemic delivers is hard, there have been some valuable lessons learnt in 2020. 

The importance of health. 

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This sounds obvious, but we take it for granted. We all know that drinking or high levels of stress can have severe impacts on our health, but it’s the small things that have been highlighted by COVID-19. Such as washing your hands. Something we should all be doing throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs. How many of us are guilty of coming back from the supermarket, unpacking the shopping and then making a cup of coffee, without even considering a good hand scrub? Yet, this simple process really can help save lives. Pre COVID, many of us, took for it for granted that we’d be fine. Now, we realise that keeping our digits clean is vital for our health. 

It’s also forced us to look at our healthcare plans. What are we covered for? Just how many of us know what the small print in our care plans actually says? It’s been especially important for those over the age of 65 or with an illness. Many people have realised they could benefit from supplement insurance to top up their current plans. Medicare gives a good explanation of this  

The importance of time 

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Our lives are busy. Whether you run a family or are the head of a company, the work-life balance is rarely that. Fitting everything into our schedules leaves little or no room for the things that count: our mental health and our family. 

Lockdown has forced that time upon us, making us sit still and reflect. We have daily, or weekly video calls with our extended families. We are putting more effort into our physical health. We are enjoying every minute of exercise we are allowed, even those of us who usually don’t take a stroll in the fresh air, or a long ride on our bicycles.

Parents have had time to homeschool children. They are building precious memories that will last a lifetime. We’re taking time to share past hobbies and focus on the things that make us happy.


Work-life balance evolved pre-COVID-19, and now we have had time to readdress it. 

What really matters?

Photo by Kristin De Soto from Pexels

This is the big one. We have finally learnt what it is that really matters to us. It will be the thing you have cared for, worried about or missed the most during the crisis. 

Will we take these lessons into the post-pandemic world? 



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