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Family-Friendly Decorating Ideas

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When you’re renovating any property, it’s important to make the space more functional. If you’re redecorating a family home, however, you’ll want to ensure your design choices enhance family life, rather than hinder it. With these family-friendly decorating ideas, you can get to work creating a family-centric home that works for all ages…

Choose non-slip flooring

You don’t realize how slippery floors can be until you see a toddler sliding along in their socks. If you want to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls, be sure to choose flooring options that work with youngsters. Laminate flooring and tiling tend to slippery, but carpeting can cushion falls. Hardwood floors aren’t as easy to slide on, but you’ll want to make sure they’re well finished to avoid little feet succumbing to splinters. 

Redesign your bathroom

Statistics show that the vast majority of household injuries occur in bathrooms, so it’s vital to take extra care when choosing fixtures, fittings, and accessories. A bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be a major undertaking, but it could make your home infinitely safer. As well as choosing child-friendly showers, tubs and sinks, be sure to add extra grab rails and non-slip surfaces to keep everyone injury-free. 

Reduce noise pollution

Kids can make a lot of noise, but savvy parents minimize the volume incorporating sound reduction into their interior design. You don’t have to opt for full-on soundproofing but do consider the acoustics when you choose your décor. Textiles absorb sound waves, so heavy drapes, carpets, rugs, and cushions can help to prevent noise from traveling from one room to another. 

Where you place your furniture will also affect how sound moves through your home. By placing larger pieces of furniture close to the wall, you can minimize the amount of noise than is transferred to an adjoining room. As well as giving you some much-needed peace and quiet, these DIY soundproofing techniques will keep your neighbors happy too!

Select durable décor

If you have a young family, now probably isn’t the right time to display your cherished collection of bone china or take an interest in crystal ornaments. Instead, you’ll want to opt for robust décor that can stand the test of time. If you do have fragile items on show, use high shelving or wall mounting to keep them out of harm’s way. 

Make your home easy to clean

Some materials and fabrics are easy to maintain than others, so do factor this in when you’re redecorating a room. Wallpaper can easily be torn, scuffed or scratched, for example, while paint is typically more hardwearing and can be spruced up quickly, when necessary. The perfect décor should be easy to maintain, which means you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your new surroundings. 

Planning a Family-Friendly Renovation

The best way to create the perfect family home is to involve the whole family in your plans. By asking for input from every member of your household, you can ensure that everyone feels included in the process. As well as enhancing your range of design ideas, this helps to create a final design that everyone is happy with.



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