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Families That Miss Each Other Love Caribu for Fun Virtual Playdates!

Hey y’all!

Parents are exhausted- I know I sure am. Within a matter of weeks parents have suddenly had to transition from working outside of the house while the kids were in school, to simultaneously juggling work, conference calls and video meetings from home while taking on the role of full-time homeschool teacher! With no clear end to social distancing in sight, parents are starting to feel exhausted!

Caribu, the #1 family-activity video-calling app, can help give parents the break they need while keeping kids engaged, learning and having fun! I’ve already told my parents to download it, and I know the kiddos will love getting to see their grandparents and spend quality time with them- even from afar!

Let a trusted friend challenge a youngster in an interactive game or coloring activity, auntie can help an early reader practice her read-aloud skills and grandma and grandpa can take on a few night time duties with a special story hour, all while parents take a much deserved moment for themselves. Best of all, Caribu is now FREE for families until May 24th thanks to AT&T! 

Caribu allows kids to create special moments with their loved ones and friends by going on a virtual playdate no matter how far away they are. They can read books from an extensive library of popular titles, play games, color or even cook from a recipe together in a video-call. AT&T is now helping Caribu give parents a break and keep families connected by funding 60 days of FREE unlimited access of Caribu!

“We see moms and dads working overtime juggling full-time roles of parent, teacher and work from home employees and they are starting to feel burnt out,” said Caribu CEO and Co-Founder Max Tuchman. “ At Caribu, creating connections and opportunities for close friends and family is what we think is most important right now. Giving parents the opportunity to let close friends and family engage with kids in a meaningful way can go really far as we ride out this situation over the next few months. Parents simply need a break!”

Caribu Highlights:

  • Helps kids create meaningful connections with relatives and friends anywhere in the world
  • Named one of TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Best Inventions
  • Uses fun books and activities to help kids stay focused and engaged while video chatting
  • Includes over 1000+ titles (and growing) from leading children’s publishers like Highlights, Mattel, Usborne, Baby Einstein and more
  • Features fun games, educational activities, and coloring pages
  • Books available in 8 languages 
  • Users in 160+ countries
  • Available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • AT&T is sponsoring FREE unlimited access now through May 24th! 

 Visit now to download the app and enjoy FREE access to quality screen-time activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic or check out their Facebook Page to learn more.


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