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Bathroom Updates That Won’t Break the Bank

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The bathrooms in family homes tend to get very worn down very quickly, quite simply because they are in such regular use. So, it stands to reasons that you might want to refresh your bathroom spaces more often than other rooms in the home. Since you\ll be doing it more often, you won’t want to have to spend a lot of money it and that is where these bathroom updates that won’t break the bank come in…

Re-Grout the Tiles

One of the simplest things, which can make the most difference in terms of updating the bathroom is re-grouting the tiles, Grout can quickly become grimy and discolored and it brings the whole tone of the bathroom down. By simply reapplying a fresh layer, you can make your bathroom appear, cleaner, fresher and more up to date. If you apply a tile grout sealer spray once he grout has dried, it will help it to stay whiter for longer. That means you won’t have to worry about it again for some time.

Add a large Mirror

If you have the space, placing a large mirror in your bathroom can make it look and feel bigger and brighter than it really is. If you can place the mirror so that it is facing a window, it will reflect natural light around the space for an even better effect.


Pixabay – CCO Licence

Polish the Tiles

If. like most people, you have tiles on your bathroom walls and floors, a really affordable way of upgrading the room is to give those tiles a good polish. Even if you clean them regularly, unless you really get in there and use some serious elbow grease, chances are they will have built up quite a lot of soap residue which can cause them to appear dull. A good polish will rectify this. Do it once a month and your bathroom will always be sparkling.

Add Some Decorations

You can pick up all manner of bathroom decorations and accessories for less than five dollars – things like towel hooks, toilet paper holders toothbrush holders, tumblers and face towels – all of which when used to replace older versions can bring your bathroom back to life. Choosing brightly colored accessories is a great way to add a modern touch, as are chrome and brass versions if you’re looking for something slightly more sophisticated.

Light Some Candles

Buy a few of the best, most relaxing scented candles you can afford and use them to spruce up your bathroom space. Not only will they add another point of interest to the room, but they’ll make it smell divine too, and the soft light they produce will really create a soothing atmosphere in the evenings.

Improve Your Storage Solutions

Cluttered bathrooms always look tired and old, so invest in some better storage solutions.  Tallboys, vanities, and cabinets are all great, but if you can’t afford them, even placing a few rattan baskets in a spare corner, where you can put all of your products, will make such a huge difference.

As you can see, you really can update your bathrooms on a budget!



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