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Hostess With the Mostess: Throwing an Awesome Party For Any Occasion

Want to get everyone together and have a whole load of fun? Throwing a party is the best way to go about it, if you want to be the hostess with the mostess and make the event memorable then here are some ideas to consider.

Set the theme

Sometimes the theme is obvious with a party, for example if you’re throwing a St Patricks party you’d simply get the best St Patricks Day shirts and some flags and the theme speaks for itself. If you’re throwing a birthday party, a barbeque or any other kind of get together then you can make the theme whatever you want. Have a look online for ideas and don’t be afraid to do something wacky, it’s what will make it extra memorable! You can get decorations, colourful balloons, even tailor the food and drink to the theme you’re doing. Ask people to wear fancy dress to match the theme if they’re feeling brave!

Get the food and drink right

A great party is all about the food, drink and good company. You’ll get the company right by inviting your nearest and dearest, from there you need to make sure that everyone is well fed and the drinks are flowing. If you’re hosting a dinner party then you’ll want to research courses, make sure everything works well together and you’re doing the correct prep work beforehand so you’re not stuck in the kitchen all night. If you’re having a barbeque then you’ll want to prep things like skewers and marinate meat ahead of time so it’s all ready to go. In many cases, a buffet works well and you can provide lots of different types of finger foods for people to help themselves to. In terms of drinks, lots of wine and champagne are always a good option, or for something more interactive how about creating a cocktail station? Add a mixture of spirits, juices, mixers and garnishes and let people create their own drinks. 

Don’t overlook music

Music sets the tone to a party, even if it’s a relaxed affair like a dinner party you’ll still want to have some background music on. For more lively events, some music everyone can dance to and even a karaoke might go down well. If you have an Amazon Alexa with a music streaming service linked up, asking her to put on playlists to suit the mood makes it easy. For example, ‘Alexa, play upbeat party music’ or ‘play relaxed dinner party music’.

Find ways to keep people mixing

Parties are all about socialisation, if you have different friendship groups coming together who don’t know each other well then encouraging people to mix will keep the atmosphere fun and vibrant. You could play games, hold mini competitions and do other fun things to get everyone chatting and talking. Giant lawn games like Jenga and Connect 4 can be good fun, silly party games or even an entertainer like a tarot card reader could all help people to break the ice. 


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