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Moving With Pets Doesn’t Have To Be Pawful

Moving day is notoriously stressful. Believe it or not, it’s often ranked up amongst the hardest days of an individual’s life. When you add a pet to that mess, then it’s no surprise that some people find it exceedingly hard to get through without having at least one meltdown. It doesn’t have to be all that, however. With these tips, you can stay one cool cat while making your move.

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Consider sending them off on a retreat

Keeping the pets away from all of the action of moving day is always a good idea. As such, you might want to consider finding them a cat retreat or a doggy daycare for moving day. If you’re worried about how your pet will get on without you, a lot of these places even have webcams set up so you can check in on them now and then. Otherwise, you run the risk of them getting under your feet and distracting your attention, which can make the moving day take even longer.

Get some help doing it

If you’re not comfortable with sending your pets elsewhere, then you can take responsibility for looking after them yourself. However, if you do, it’s a good idea to get some help that will do most of the labour for you. Professional removalists are lot easier to ask than trying to fob it off onto your friends. However, you should still not let your pet run amok. Keep them in a controlled space, putting them in a crate if you have to. Moving can be a dangerous business and no-one wants any accidents that could endanger your fluffy friends.

Make the house a home for everyone

Once you’ve got everything inside, you want to get both you and your pet as comfortable with the new space as possible. Unpacking and decorating the home is going to help everyone become a lot more comfortable in the space instead of feeling like you’re in an alien environment. Exploring the new area early is wise, too. If you have an indoor cat, they’ll do their own thing and might need to be monitored to ensure they don’t do any damage but, with a dog, it’s a good idea to take them out for a nice exciting walk.

Do the essential housekeeping

Before you move, get in contact with your vet to get any moving advice you might need based on your pet’s health history. Otherwise, make sure that you have updated the vet on the fact that you are both moving. If you need to switch vets, then try to find one in advance. Aside from that, you have to update their tags or microchip information to contain your new address and phone number. This way, if they get lost, you can make sure they’re not being returned to your old home.

Don’t be too worried if your pet acts up after first moving in. Getting used to a new environment can be tough on anyone. For dogs, it might even mean you need to housetrain them a second time. But they will get used to it over time, just like you.


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