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Making Working Out More Fun

If you are on a mission to get fitter or just more healthy in general, it can be a little boring sometimes. You know it has to be done, of course, but you want to add a little more fun to what you are doing. It is often the case that within a few weeks, people can stop their efforts, boredom sets in, and all of those good intentions fall by the wayside. Here are a few ways that you can make it more fun. 

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If you typically work out alone, then you might like to try something like group exercise classes. You can try something that isn’t ordinarily in your workout routine. Yoga, Zumba, spin, and even contact sports are great for group options. 

Buddy Up

If you need to be held accountable for your goals, then get a friend who has the same needs as you. Or you could do something like they keep track of your workouts and join in, and you help them with skipping the cake with their coffee. You can have a chat while you work out, and even join up to new classes together. It can also make the whole gym joining process easier when you have someone to ease your nerves.


This might not sound like everyone’s idea of fun, but actually, you can burn a chunk of calories, and have a clean house by the end of it. The same goes for shopping too! You shouldn’t skip the gym in order to head for an afternoon of shopping, but instead look for other activities that you can use to increase your calorie-burning – without much effort. It’s a workout without the gym. 


If you want to start off doing something in the home, then there are so many different apps that have a range of workouts in them. Or, if you prefer, you can try something like the 30 Day Shred, which is on YouTube, and anyone can try out. Here are some great options for apps to help you on your healthy journey. 


If you work on gym equipment at home, a great way to increase your time using the apparatus is to put on your favorite TV show or a movie. You can keep up to date with your shows, but you will be increasing your activity levels. Keeping your mind focused on something while you get your workout in will mean you aren’t clock watching. 


Like everything in life, if you are rewarded, you are more likely to keep going. In this case, you are going to give yourself rewards. You could choose to put money in a savings pot for every weight you lift, or for every 15 minutes of activity. Or you might buy a pair of leggings or jeans in advance of your weight loss and fitness efforts. 

Music, friends, and doing something that you enjoy will mean you are more dedicated to your workouts. 



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