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The Changing World of Legal Education

It seems as if all industries are forever in flux, but some more so than others. Take the legal world, for example. This is an industry that is forever changing, as it must always keep up with changes in society — which, as we all understand, often changes faster than we can keep up with. One good quality about people that work in the legal world is that they’re open to changes, and typically incorporate them into their core appr

That is most definitely the case when it comes to teaching the next generation of lawyers. Today, legal studies aren’t just a case of reading complicated legal books — there’s an increasing number of digital tools in use, and it’s likely that this trend will only grow in the future. The shift has allowed for a more dynamic, responsive, and varied teaching method. 

Indeed, as well as using technology as part of the studies, the rise of technology also forms a large basis of the content of legal studies, too. It can’t be understated just how much the internet and other tech issues have rattled the existing legal framework. Now and in the future, old laws will have to be reviewed in the context of ubiquitous tech. For this reason and more, the future demand for lawyers appears to be as healthy as it ever was, especially in the field of intellectual property; the abundance of startups have meant there are many more patents granted today than compared with a year ago.

Infographic Design By University of Southern California University of Southern California


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