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Old Favorites and Hot New Baby Products

Hey y’all!

Well, if you haven’t seen, Baby #4 is officially on the way and should arrive sometime in the next month or so! Woo hoo!

Over the years and over the span of 4 kids, I can definitely say that some products have stayed the course, but I’m constantly amazed by the new, innovative products that are always being released! So I figured that in lieu of a traditional product guide, I’d share a list of old favorites that have gotten me through 3 kids (and have lasted!) and some new products that I am excited to try out when this new babe gets here!

Old Favorites

The Original Boppy Pillow

Now I’m starting the list with this one because it is literally my one can’t-live-without product that I recommend to every new mom! The Original Boppy Pillow has SO many uses, from breastfeeding support while baby is still tiny, to a pillow used to support a beginning sitter. We just love the Boppy around here and use it literally from Day 1- it comes to the hospital with us for delivery!

Susan Brown, mom and inventor, created a product to help solve a problem. Little did she know her product and brand would become a household name throughout the world. It all began when she received a request from her daughter’s daycare to make pillows that could support babies when they were not being held. After a few prototypes, the Original Boppy® Pillow was born!

Choose from a huge variety of designs here:

Boppy Newborn Lounger

My other favorite product from the geniuses at Boppy is the Newborn Lounger! We didn’t have one of these until Tino came around, but boy was it a game changer. In those first few weeks, when baby doesn’t move much but you need somewhere to put them down that’s not the floor (lol) the Newborn Lounger is a perfect solution!


Tommee Tippee… EVERYTHING!

Although I’ve always been a huge advocate of breastfeeding, I do have to go back to work, so when I go back to work, I always prefer Tommee Tippee bottles! All of my babies have taken them without any problem or any nipple confusion, which is huge to ensure that we can continue on our breastfeeding journey while I work!

But beyond the bottles, Tommee Tippee has a huge variety of other baby essentials that we love, like their pacifiers, bibs, swaddles, and so much more!

This time around, I’m willing this baby to be a pacifier baby 😉 And I think these Breast-like Pacifiers may just do the trick! Can’t wait to try out these awesome new products!

Sleep Sack

We always love a good sleepsack, and we LOVE SwaddleDesigns, which JUST released two new color ways in a heathered gray pattern- perfect for our new Baby Boy!

The Omni Swaddle Sack® with Wrap keeps newborns cozy and secure with a wide variety of options in keeping baby swaddled, no matter what position they prefer!

The Transitional Swaddle Sack® is also an important innovation in safe sleep for babies who can roll over but are not ready for a loose-fitting sleeping sack. Swaddle Sack® bridges the gap between a classic snug swaddle and a sleeping sack.

Also! SwaddleDesigns produces a line exclusively for Amazon called Amazing Baby. To celebrate the launch, Amazon has created the 50Welcome promo code for 50% off one Amazing Baby Item with your first purchase. Consumers can enter “50Welcome” promo code at checkout. You can visit to see the complete collection.

Covered Goods Nursing Cover

Whether you are planning to breastfeed or just need a good infinity scarf, Covered Goods has got you…. well… covered! I have loved my Covered Goods nursing cover since the beginning, but am so excited to add a new navy blue striped print to my collection!
In case you aren’t hip to the Covered Goods life yet, this nursing cover is really a 4-in-1 product, which can be used as a nursing cover, carseat cover, grocery cart cover, or infinity scarf, so it can really grow with you even beyond your baby’s early months! I literally never leave the house without mine in my diaper bag; it’s a must-have!!

New Hot Baby Products:

Now, of course, in the almost 6 years since first having a baby, there have been so many cute and unique advances in baby products, so I’m excited to share just a few with you all!

Cutie Pie Diapers and Wipes

Diapers are always something we’ve struggled with as each baby arrives! Each of our kids has had a different diaper “preference” / done better with certain diapers! This time around, we’ve been looking for a brand of diapers and wipes that are both healthier for our baby and better for the environment, and luckily, we have found Cutie Pea. The brand offers one of the most eco-friendly options of disposable diapers on the market made with 87 percent biodegradable materials.

Despite taking the average diaper 500 years to decompose, there’s another issue many parents overlook for the ease and convenience of changing children. Disposable diapers and wipes contain harsh chemicals and fragrances that irritate and damage your baby’s delicate skin. We are hoping that these simple, eco-friendly diapers will do a great job for Baby #4!

Kid Proof

Ok, this is an ingenious new product that EVERY parent needs! Kid Proof Protectant utilizes nanotechnology to safely seal your cloth and leather from strawberry milkshakes, gummy bears and whatever else your kids spill in the car. Kid Proof doesn’t use fluorocarbons, acetone, or naphtha. Our nanotechnology-based ingredients actually bond to the cloth or leather creating an impermeable barrier.

This product is especially useful in our crazy house of soon-to-be 4 kiddos! Even with our 3 here now, there’s always something being spilled, so covering our couches was a must! We are absolutely so happy with how our sofas are now “Kid proof” and “Kid resistant” because otherwise, they’d be looking like a PIcasso work of art right now…. but not in the best way! So thanks, Kid Proof!


Patch Bandages

We all know that Band-Aids are a must-have as your kids grow into crawlers, walkers, and crazy toddlers! PATCH bamboo bandages to the rescue!

PATCH bamboo strips are a 100% compostable and hypoallergenic solution to wound care adhesives. Highly rated on Amazon, PATCH is gaining traction with folks swapping out the old standby for the new generation of eco-friendly wound care. These are amazing for on the go and kids love the adorable Aussie panda prints! Plus, when it comes time to take them off, they are SO easy to remove, and don’t leave any gunk, residue, or pull little hairs!

Here are 5 Reasons People Everywhere Love PATCH: 

  1. Made from 100% organic bamboo fiber

  2. Free of plastics, latex, silicone, and harmful toxins

  3. Easy removal – we are talking pain-free for sensitive skin and aged skin

  4. 100% compostable – bandages and all packaging breaks down into soil in just a matter of weeks

  5. Available in four lines, each imbued with naturally healing ingredients:

  • PATCH Natural — For use on cuts and scratches

  • PATCH Coconut Oil Kids — For use on abrasions and grazes

  • PATCH Aloe Vera — For use on burns and blisters

  • PATCH Activated Charcoal — For use on bites and splinters

Boppy ComfyFit BabyCarrier

Babywearing mama over here, guys! But here’s a new one that I haven’t yet tried, as surprising as that is!  For busy parents, the Boppy® ComfyFit® Baby Carrier is a simple and supportive structured carrier that is both comfortable and comforting. I’ve tried many structured carriers along the way, but I’m so excited to try out this one that is a cross between a structured carrier and the snugness of a wrap.

Winner of multiple parenting awards in 2018 & 2019, the yoga inspired material makes this one a clear winner for all new parents! It comes in a NEW Camo print, as well black, gray, midnight blue. Plus, it’s top rated on Amazon!

Cooper & Belle Diaper Caddy

Something we have never really had with any of the other kids is a really good organizational system for the nursery. This time around, I found the Cooper & Belle nursery organizer, which is a fun brand dedicated to creating simple, elegant and high-quality products. I love the look of this beautiful organizer because it is simple and understated, but classy with it’s leather handles. Plus, the inserts are velcro, so you can set them up as you’d like to make the organizer work best for your needs! The engineered diaper caddy will store anything you need for baby, either at home or in the car.

Beyond this handy nursery organizer, Cooper and Belle also has a line of bandana bibs that are versatile, lightweight and ultra-absorbent.  Perfect for the parent on the go! Their Bath Apron is a simple yet effective solution to bath time struggles. Its innovative design allows parents to wear the hooded towel and use both hands to remove and dry off their little one, all while staying dry! We definitely love Cooper & Belle!


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