Family Holidays

The Holidays Are The Perfect Time To Start New Traditions

Part of being a family is all about having traditions that make you excited to hang out with each other, even if you’ve got moody teens who spend the rest of the year locked away in their room. More than any other time of the year, the holiday season is the perfect time for you to embrace family traditions. If you’re a new family or have been wanting to uncover something that brings you closer together, here are some traditions to start that will last forever. 

Fun In The Kitchen

Spending time in the kitchen is a fantastic way for families to bond and get creative with a wide variety of meals and treats. With the holidays fast approaching, you all finally have an excuse for overindulging, but instead of filling your mouth with store-bought food, it will mean much more to relish in homemade deliciousness. 

Together, you can learn how to make desserts like chocolate creme brulee or pumpkin pie, or you can all work together to create a meal for the whole family. Not only will you get a hand in the preparation, but you can also teach your kids valuable life skills along the way. 

Deck The Halls

For a lot of families, it doesn’t feel like Christmas until every surface and spare space is covered with merry cheer. Whenever you deem it appropriate to start decorating for Christmas, whether that’s early November or the week before St Nick arrives, you can transform a lazy Sunday into something that will fill the house with the holiday spirit. 

Start by going out and buying the tree and then take it home to decorate while you dance around the house with your favorite Christmas songs ringing out for the whole neighborhood to hear. 

The Never-Ending Game

Family games on Christmas Day are what a lot of people look forward to, even if sometimes everything gets a little too competitive. But to make matters more interesting, you don’t need to find a winner this year

Instead, consider creating a Never-Ending Game of Monopoly, Pictionary, or one of the many other games you have stacked away in the closet. The more the merrier, too, so don’t be afraid to invite friends, neighbors, and family members to join in on the fun. 

Movie Marathon

If you’re all exhausted from too much turkey and the excitement of game night, then you can take the opportunity to cozy up alongside each other on the sofa and work through a movie marathon of your favorites. 

Take your pick from the best Christmas movies or enjoy all 8 of the Harry Potter movies on after the other. If you prefer to laugh, then the Monty Python movies can introduce your kids to what comedy really is, although if they’re a little too young, you may want to censor the language. 

Traditions To Pass Onto Their Children

Family traditions are a great way to feel closer to one another, and every family has its own. By creating these traditions early, you give your kids a sense of what it means to be a family that they can pass onto their children, and even further beyond. 


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