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Want A Healthy Relationship? Stop Trying To Make It Perfect

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In most things in life, we can try and try again until things are perfectly arranged. We can invest thousands over the years trying to find the perfect kitchen design we most enjoy, or work on our bodies until we are a shining example of physical perfection and athletic beauty. However, when it comes to matters of the heart and soul, forcing things to be a certain way rarely works. Of course, that’s not to say improvement is a waste of time. Choosing to directly listen more to your partner or to be more receptive to them is something that will help any relationship flourish just a little more.

That being said, it’s important to recognize that perhaps one of the heaviest boundaries to having a healthy relationship is trying to craft the perfect one. A perfect relationship is not one that is sculpted, but naturally formed, as patiently as the water of a river slowly shapes the rocks within it. After all, trying to match some ideal only prevents you from seeing the actual person in front of you – but rather, it forces them into your idealized box.

With our following advice, we’ll help you avoid that fate:

What Matters?

What actually matters in a relationship? It can be defined in many ways. It’s important to note that physical intimacy is often the first thing to suffer when emotional problems are starting to come to the surface, but the converse is true also. It might be that visiting a relationship or sex therapists can help you and your partner connect once more, giving you the whole degree of relational worth that you deserve.

The Moments You Remember

While relationships are often comprised of meeting to face daily life together, if you have a lack of special moments, either curated or arranged, it may start to suffer. This is because going out and enjoying your relationship together is important, even if that means hiring a babysitter while you and your spouse eat in that new restaurant that has just opened nearby. Taking the time to curate little gifts, little experiences, mini-vacations, and investing in your time together is important, because while relationships are not built on finances alone, they are built on investing time together. 

Improving Yourself

The worst thing you can do in a relationship is stagnate. If you feel as though you’re simply ‘finished’ or ‘complete’, the next thing is not to stop caring, to stop trying to look attractive for your partner, to let your weight grow or to fail to become interested in new things. This will lead to boredom on both sides. Keep improving yourself. Now you have an even better reason to keep ahead with your progress. Kindling the relationship is something you must do every single day, and sometimes, even working out can help with that. It sounds like hollow advice, but if you follow it, you’ll see just how reliable it is.

With this advice, we hope you can forgo the perfect relationship in exchange for a thoroughly healthy one.


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