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Are You Taking On Too Many Responsibilities?


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Responsibility is key to becoming an adult. However, some of us can take on too much responsibility, whether it’s taking on too many duties at work, running clubs or choosing to look after people who we feel need our care. This can lead to many of us feeling stressed and worn down. Here are just a few signs that you may be taking on too much and what you can do about it.  

You have no time for yourself

All of us deserve time for ourselves. If you spend every waking moment serving other people, it could be a sign that you have too many responsibilities. Of course, there are certain commitments such as parenthood that this can apply to as you’re technically always ‘on call’, however you should still be able to enjoy some scheduled time to yourself.

You’re not getting enough sleep

Too many responsibilities could be preventing you from getting to sleep by making you stressed. In worse cases, you could have so much to do that you physically cannot find the hours to sleep. This is a sign that you’re severely overworked and that you need to strip away some responsibility.

Everything is a rush

Do you feel that you’re constantly rushing to get everything done? If nothing in your day can be done at a leisurely pace because you have too many tasks to fit in, it could be another case that you’ve taken on too much responsibility.

You keep making mistakes

When we’re overburdened and stressed we can often become forgetful and clumsy. Tasks can end up not being done properly, which can further aggravate stress. This is a clear sign that you need to take on less responsibilities.

Your health is suffering

Headaches, muscle aches, nausea, unusual weight loss/gain and high blood pressure can all be brought on by chronic stress. As well as getting physically worn down, you could be experiencing depression and anxiety. These are all clear signs that you’re taking on too many responsibilities.

How to take on less responsibility

Relieving responsibility isn’t easy and can sometimes require making sacrifices. However, it could be what you need to stop you experiencing a burnout in the future.

First you should consider ways of delegating responsibilities. This could include arranging childcare for kids so that you have time to yourself regularly or arranging home care for elderly relatives rather than caring for them solely yourself. At work, it could involve asking others to take on duties for you or outsourcing tasks if you run your own business.

Secondly you should consider investing in tools and equipment to make commitments that you can’t delegate easier. This could include buying a dishwasher to speed up washing up or using software to make paying employees faster.

Finally, you should stop saying ‘yes’ when people ask for help. Work with these people to help them find help elsewhere or encourage them to help themselves if you think that they’re being unnecessarily dependant. Try to identify takers in your life and give only to those who really deserve it.






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