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The Ultimate Guide To Maximizing Light In Your Home

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If you live in a cottage, your humble abode has small windows or you have trees surrounding your pad, the chances are that you have your lights on a lot of the time. However, there is no substitute for natural light. While you may have a challenge on your hands, it is possible to maximize the amount of natural light entering your home. You don’t have to rely on LEDs, energy saving bulbs and savoring the only hour of direct sunlight your home receives in a day. Take a look at these nifty hacks to maximize the light in your dwelling.

Paint It White

If you are a lover of damson purple walls and rich crimson flock wallpaper, you may need to think again if you want light bouncing across your living spaces. While it may sound a little humdrum, painting your walls white can be an ideal way to enhance the amount of light in your pad. Go for an emulsion paint with a sheen finish as this enhances the reflective surface that the available light has to bounce around. White walls create the illusion of space making your small rooms appear larger. Clear dressings from your window to maximize the amount of light that enters your home and the white walls should make a room feel brighter.


The tiniest rooms in our home tend to be our bathrooms. Whether yours is upstairs or downstairs, it may not even have a window. If this is the case, you need to utilize the light that is already in your home. Put up a couple of mirrors perpendicular to one another in your bathroom. This allows light to bounce at a ninety degree angle. Ensure that you forego the shower curtain in favor of one of the many glass shower doors available. A transparent door will prevent a light block from forming, meaning that your bathroom feels bigger and more airy. You could even add a bulb lit dressing mirror to the wall, to enhance the amount of light in your small bathroom even further.


The strip lighting that you might bathe in within your four walls will not be energy efficient, and although bright, it won’t be a natural hue. Instead, you need to think about enhancing the tone and mood lighting that you can create. For a more natural look, consider swapping your incandescent bulbs for more natural and warm LED lighting. Add dimmers to your switches and you will have even more control over the ambience of your living spaces.


Mirrored surfaces create the perfect reflecting opportunities for natural light. You could take a look into mirrored wardrobes for your bedroom, glass table tops for the dining room and reflective splash backs for your kitchen. The more mirrored surfaces you have, the more chance the natural light has to cascade into each room.

Having a home that is light challenged can be frustrating. However, by implementing these nifty hacks, your home can be bathed in glorious natural light.


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