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What You Need To Do When You Have Just Bought A New Home

Whether you are moving into another property or buying your first one, it is an exciting time for many of us. Buying a new home or property is one of the most stressful things you can do and one of the most expensive. So no doubt you will have taken your time throughout the whole process and made a conscious and informed decision. 

Getting to the stage where you can put an offer in on what has been the dream property for you is very exciting. Getting the phone call to say that the offer has been accepted is even more so. But what happens after that? What is the process between offer and getting your hands on the keys? What happens when you first get those keys and are there things that you should be doing? With that in mind, here are some of the things to think about and action when you have just bought a new house. 

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Get your funds in order 

One of the first things that you may want to do now that your initial offer for the property has been accepted is to ensure that your funding is in place and all of the deposits needed are in order. This is likely to be something that you may have initially done anyway, as a mortgage proposal and acceptance in principle is an ideal way to understand what your budget is. But, now is the time to start finalising the infor, action, getting the paperwork signed and making any necessary transfers for cash deposits and also to be aware of the fees that you will need to pay out for. 

Keep on top of paperwork and the process

There is no denying that buying a house is going to be an expensive process to find yourself in, and because of that, this means there is a lot of paperwork to go through. There will be reports on the house, in terms of structure and the land. There will be paperwork to sign, things you need to finalise and approve. A great tips would be to attempt to do as much communication as possible via email. This is a quick and effective way of getting things sent, but it also enables a digital trail of the process, so should any properwork be lost, it can easily be printed and rectified. 

If you are moving out of a property leave it in good condition

If you are currently living in a property that you have sold, or are renting, then the best advice would always be to leave it in the best possible condition as possible. This doesn’t mean you repaint the walls, unless that might be a term in a rental or lease agreement. But it can certainly mean cleaning the place and ensuring that everything is removed so that the people moving in can do so very easily. When you rent, there may be a deposit that you are hoping to receive back, so this is in your best interest to ensure there will be no discrepancies on that refund. 

Pack up with the new place in mind

Packing up your home can feel like a tedious task, but it is essential to get you into your new place. A great tip would be to pack your old place with your new home in mind. If you know that certain ornaments and objects will live in a precise location in your new home, then box them together with the relevant room marked on the box. It makes it so much easier when you actually move, as boxes can be placed in the right rooms ready for unpacking. 

Enlist some help when it comes to moving

Moving home is stressful enough, and doing it on your own will feel like an added stress that you don’t really need. So if you can, enlist the help of others to give you a hand. If you are keeping the costs down, hiring a van yourself and having friends and family help with the heavy lifting can be a very cost effective way to do things. If you have children, it may be worth trying to move when they are in school or childcare, or having someone look after them so that you can concentrate on getting it done quickly. If you do have the budget for it, a removal company can make a big difference to the process and take a lot of the stress away. 

Check the place out before you move anything in

It’s easy to be eager just to get all your things moved in straight away, but you don’t know what condition the property will have been left in. Sure you viewed it a few times but has anything been left from the previous owner? You won’t know until you take that first look. Sometimes people can leave the furniture or items they no longer leave for the next owner to handle. So you may walk into a bit of a mess. While you hope this won’t happen, it’s best to be prepared. 

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Is it worth getting work done before you move in?

Sometimes it is worth getting work done before you move into the new place, and if you have the luxury of a crossover period between two properties this can be the ideal time. You could get people in to take on some big jobs like a kitchen renovation or bathroom. It makes things easier off there is no furniture or anyone living in the property at the time. 

Have someone check wiring and plumbing

Depending on the age of the property the next port of call would be to check out the wiring and plumbing. No doubt you wouldn’t have been able to give this a thorough going over before you completed. Enlist the help of a local electrician or plumber just to give the property the once over. For plumbing services, websites like could prove useful. By getting these things checked over, it could highlight any issues, or at least put your mind at rest that all is good and in working order. 

Decorating now is a good idea

If you don’t need any major work doing, but still have the benefit of delaying moving in, then decorating any rooms you plan to do now would be a great idea. Again with no furniture to worry about, it gives you a clear space to get those walls painted, any wallpaper put up or even just cleaning areas of your new home. 

Unpack slowly 

Don’t rush the unpacking stage. This is your chance to get things in place the right way the first time. Many people rush this then find themselves with surplus boxes of stuff that they never get round to unpacking. Start as you mean to go on and organise the boxes into rooms, and unpack each one slowly. 

Have you changed over all of the address details?

Once you are in and starting to unpack, it can feel like there is still a mountain of things to get done, but the truth is, there are small things that seem insignificant, that if not done can cause you the biggest problem. One of them is changing over your address., This is for things like your driving license, your household bills, and bank accounts. If you don’t, you ruin the risk of sensitive information landing on your previous properties doorstep and potentially getting in the wrong hands. 

Check your cover on insurance policies 

Another thing you may not think to do but should would be to check your insurance policies. You may have changed the address details over, but are those policies still valid for your new place? You may have bought more furniture to fill a bigger property, which may mean increasing the cover on any contents insurance you have. You may now be able to park a car on a driveway instead of the street, which may reduce your car insurance premium. It might be the house is worth more, or would cost more to rebuild should anything go wrong, which might mean you’re household insurance needs reviewing. Check these things over before you need them. 

Make a point of communicating with the neighbours

Finally, when moving into a new property, it’s easy to become obsessed with what is currently going on. Making sure boxes go in the right rooms and all is good with the property. But try and not forget that you have new neighbours. They will be wondering who is moving in next to them. A great tip would be to go around and introduce yourself at your earliest convenience. Perhaps invite them round on a date that suits everyone to get to know one another better. It will put your mind at ease but also theirs. 

Let’s hope this guide helps you tackle the important things when moving into a new property. 



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