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When you own your home, the possibilities are endless for the exciting things you can do to improve it. You have turned this massive blank canvas into something that you love and enjoy spending time in. As well as that, you can spruce up the outside. Most people only think about the back garden – because that is where you will spend more time. But the front garden and the front of your home can be an extra space to add your personality too. 

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Although most properties come with white plastic window fittings, you can swap them or paint them. If you don’t have any regulations of what the house colours outside can be, then you can go wild and pick something that you love. 


There is something so beautiful and simple about having your path from the curb to your door lined with flowers. If you choose something like heather, it will last for months, and you won’t have to worry about replacing it. If you prefer something seasonal, then pansies are great for borders and lining paving. Having a large pot filled with plants by your front door gives people something beautiful to look at, and enjoy the smell of. Lavender, lilac, jasmine or potted herbs are great options. 


Depending on how long you have had your house, you might need to think about replacing the roof. Which is great because you can choose something different! It should tell you in the documentation that you were given when you purchased the house the type of roof you have right now, and during the survey, they will have noted when it should be replaced or repairs. You can check for roofing services available here, in the meantime, be on the lookout for warning signs like loose tiles, cracks or pieces chipped off into the gutter. 


You can make a statement with your door. There are so many colours to choose from now and different styles – with and without a spy hole. If the colour isn’t enough of personalization for you, you can change the door knocker and doorbell. 


If you have a theme that you love you can implement it in the front garden. A couple of popular choices are Japanese inspired garden and country garden. For the Japanese inspired you might like to think about the Cherry Blossom tree, some bonsai style and various ornaments – usually very neat and minimalist, going for a zen feel. The country garden, on the other hand usually has wildflowers, rose bushes, and a lot of English plants and if you like to make a bit of a statement then a arches trellis with climbers on it. 

The front of your home says a lot about you, and you are free to make it beautiful and as unique as you are. You can work with landscape gardeners if you want someone to help take on the task too. It is worth remembering that if you’re going to sell your home one day, the curb appeal factor plays a big part. 



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