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How Can You Tell If You Are Really Compatible With Somebody?

Finding love is so hard and after a string of failed relationships and failed dates, it’s easy to give up on it all and decide that there simply isn’t anybody out there for you. But deep down, you know that isn’t true. There is somebody out there for everybody and sometimes, it takes you a long time to find them. Being patient is very important when you are trying to find love, but you also need to make sure that you are making the right relationship choices and a lot of us don’t do this. If you are looking for somebody to spend the rest of your life with, you need to find somebody that you are compatible with. So many relationships work for the first few months but then they break down because you are not really compatible with that person and as things start to get more serious, the differences start to become more obvious. If you want to stop wasting time on those kinds of relationships, you need to learn how to spot somebody that is compatible from the beginning. These are the best ways to find somebody that you are compatible with.

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Ditch The Dating Apps 

If you are using dating apps to meet people, you should stop right now. So many people on dating apps are just looking for casual relationships and they are not there for anything serious. The other big problem with dating apps is that it’s so easy to lie. Some people will take photos from a flattering angle or even use an old photo, but others might use completely fake photos and make up every aspect of their life. You’re never going to know if you are really compatible with somebody if they are only giving you a false version of themselves. 

If you are struggling to meet people and you want a bit of help, it’s better to look into your other options. There are some great matchmaking services out there that will actually ask you about what you want in a partner and find somebody that you are compatible with. You can also use party chat lines to talk to other people in the area that are looking to meet people. Speaking to them on the phone gives you a better idea of whether you are compatible with them or not. Beyond that, you should just get out and meet people wherever you can. You’re far more likely to meet the right person this way than you are on any dating app where people are not being genuine. 

Having Compatible Goals 

When you start a relationship with somebody, you need to find out what their goals in life are and whether they line up with your own. That doesn’t mean that you have to have the exact same plan for life, but your goals do need to work together well. If, for example, they say that they want to live in another country for a while and that’s not something that you want to do, what happens when they decide that they want to move? Either you will compromise and move with them or they will stay. Whatever happens, one of you will be resentful towards the other and the relationship will struggle. You need to think about your more important goals like whether you both want kids and how many, or what your career aspirations are. If you don’t have compatible life goals it is difficult to manage and there is a chance that the relationship will work out. 

Making An Effort 

The early stages of a relationship are always exciting and you want to spend every minute together, but how do they act a few months down the line? If you are eventually going to have a successful marriage, you need to work at it every day and a lot of people don’t realize this. It’s not going to be perfect all the time and it takes dedication to keep a marriage strong. If a person stops making an effort after the first few months, what are they going to be like in a few years or a decade? Making an effort isn’t just about grand romantic gestures either, it’s about showing appreciation for you and doing the little things. If somebody stops putting the effort in very soon, they’re probably not the person for you. 

Sharing Core Values 

When you are in a relationship with somebody, that doesn’t mean that you have to agree on every single thing, but it is important that you share some core values. If you both have the same values, it will make it easier to get through the tough times and find common ground during arguments. But if you both have a completely different idea about important things like family and friends, or how to raise children, you will have a lot of problems. 

Having Healthy Arguments

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People think that arguments are always a bad thing in relationships but that isn’t really true. If you are going to spend your life with somebody, you are going to disagree on things from time to time and there isn’t really anything that you can do about it. The key to a long lasting relationship is not to avoid arguments completely, it’s to make sure that you do it in a healthy way. If you are trying to decide whether somebody is compatible with you or not, think about how they act when you argue. If they keep calm and try to work towards a solution to your problem together, without blaming you or being angry towards you, that is healthy. You have to remember that you’re not fighting against each other, you’re both fighting against whatever issue you have. But if they quickly resort to personal attacks and start bringing up other things about the relationship that they are unhappy with, that isn’t healthy at all. It’s not good if arguments continue for days and days either. 

If you consider these things when you are in a new relationship with somebody, you should be able to work out whether you are compatible with them or not. 



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