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Bike Helmets To Keep Your Child Safe

Almost every child has a bike when they are growing up. A bike is something that provides an endless amount of fun because the adventures to be had are seemingly endless. A bike is also great because it helps children to engage in some exercise and it aids them with regards to certain skills such as balance and coordination. 

Whilst for a child a bike may all be about fun, fun, fun, it is important that you as a parent have regard for their safety. Therefore it is absolutely crucial that you make your child wear a helmet whilst they are riding their bike. Knowing an urgent care location, just in case, is extremely vital too. It can be very easy for a child to fall off their bike, something as little as a stone on the pavement can cause a slight wobble. And whilst usually most kids get away with a mere graze, sometimes the accidents can be nastier and thus it is vital that the head is protected just in case. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

The best thing to do when buying a children’s bike helmet is to find one which your child will actually want to wear. Don’t go for a boring plain black helmet, find something which will appeal to them and that they will view as exciting. In order to give you a pointer in the right direction, this article will reveal some of the top kid’s bike helmets available online and in stores today.

The ‘Raskullz Helmets Unicorn’ is assured to be loved by any little girl. The helmet is designed to look like a unicorn. The helmet itself is a light purple colour, it features two big blue eyes printed on the front, two ears sticking out the side and the signature unicorn horn popping out the top of the helmet. The helmet is suitable for children aged five years old and above.

If you are shopping for a boy then the ‘Raskullz Helmets Mohawk’ could be just the helmet for him. The helmet itself is black with a splash of red across the centre and the Raskullz logo printed on in white. But the real fun is at the top of the helmet where vivid red spikes make up an eye-catching and elaborate Mohawk. Like the helmet mentioned before, this is suitable for children aged five years old and above.

The final helmet mentioned in this article is perfect for any little bike rider; the ‘Thomas & Friends Safety Helmet’. This helmet is aqua blue in colouring and features images of Thomas the Tank Engine and all of his friends. The helmet is suited to those with a head size between 48 and 54 cm. 



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