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How To Create A Peaceful Oasis In Your Backyard

A backyard serves many purposes: a place for family to grill out, a place for friends to gather, and a place for you to relax, of course. Creating the perfect backyard can be a daunting task, but don’t fret! Here are some ways that you can make your backyard the perfect, peaceful, oasis that you have been dreaming of:



Any type of water feature is so relaxing to me and to most others, as well, which is why they always have small waterfalls and ponds at spas across the country. LifeHack says, “When we’re near water, our brains switch off from busy mode to relaxed mode. This naturally leads our brains to open up because it’s not focused on the millions of thoughts swirling around that can often lead to stress or anxiety. When your brain is in this relaxed state, it is open more to inspired and creative thoughts. In essence, we are switching our brains off or giving it a rest from the norm causing a better mental environment for insight and introspection. When we hear the crashing of waves by the ocean, it can actually put us into a mindful, meditative state. The sound of waves has been found to alter the brain’s wave patterns and invoking a meditative, relaxed state. Even simply observing the movement of water causes our minds to calm. This has numerous benefits for contributing to lowering depression, lowering stress levels, anxiety, and promotes better mental clarity and sleep patterns.” 

Fire Pit

A fire pit is a fantastic addition to a backyard oasis because it not only provides a sense of peace and makes you feel relaxed and gives you the “homey” feel, but it can also have many fun uses, as well, such as a s’mores party with friends, or a bonfire with friends. If you are going to have a fire pit in your backyard, you need to do it right, however. That’s why I recommend using the professionals at Arbor Ridge to help you out. Arbor Ridge offers a wide variety of home improvement and home renovation services such as landscaping, hardscaping, pool or water feature installations, interior stone work, and more. 

They say that when you use a design-build contractor like Arbor Ridge, “you get all of the advantages as a general contractor, as well as:

  • Keeping all of your design & construction needs under one roof. No need to hire two different companies. It is expensive to hire an architect for design and a builder for construction
  • No disputes between the designer and contractor over any design errors, which results in very few changes or upcharges related to confusing or incomplete design plans
  • The design-builder is more likely to design with an eye towards keeping construction costs down”

In my opinion, Arbor Ridge is the best residential design build firm in Atlanta, so if you are interested in having a fire pit installed in your backyard oasis, I would highly recommend reaching out to them for a free estimate.


No backyard oasis is complete without an area to relax, and also an area to host friends and family. High-quality furniture is a necessity! Backyard furniture is very diverse – furniture for relaxing, furniture for eating, furniture for the pool, etc. Try to find furniture that is just as comfortable as it is functional. On those beautiful fall days with perfect weather that are coming up, you will love arriving home and heading straight to your backyard lounge chair, or grilling out with your family and eating outside at a nice outdoor table and comfortable chairs, or enjoying the end of the hot summer weather in a comfy pool chair. Take a deep breath, and release. Time to relax!


Nice landscaping in a backyard can make a huge difference. All of the decor and furniture in the world won’t be enough to make a backyard peaceful and relaxing if the rest of the backyard is a disaster! To be effective, you don’t need to hire an expensive landscaper (although if you are able to, it never hurts). Simply cleaning up any clutter in your yard, keeping the lawn mowed and weeds pulled, and planting a few nice-looking plants or flowers can be enough to create the peaceful environment that you are looking for. 


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