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Fun House Projects To Do As A Family

House projects are always better when you are doing them with someone – especially with family. It not only takes less time to do the projects, but it is also a lot more fun and if you have kids, it will teach them great skills. Here are a few fun house projects to do as a family:


Do you have a room that you have been wanting to paint for a really long time, but never seem to get around to doing it? One great way to get that pesky chore done, and to also get in some good quality family time, is to involve your family in the painting process! I have wonderful memories going to Home Depot to choose paint colors, getting in old clothes, and painting a room with my family. It is so fulfilling to see the room when it is done, and know that your hard work has paid off by making your home nicer. However, walls are not the only thing you can paint! Some people decide to paint their kitchen or bathroom cabinets, and the before and after pictures are amazing. While this is a bit more tedious and risky, the results can be incredible. It will also be way more fun for you to do it with your family involved!


Cleaning is something that is not typically thought of to be fun, but it doesn’t have to be a list of miserable chores that you dread doing! Involving your family can not only speed up the amount of time it takes to knock your chores off your to-do list, but it can also make completing them more fun. If you want to, you can even offer your children an incentive for when the chores are all done, such as a trip to an ice cream shop or a more fun family activity. Turn on some music, grab a broom to use as your microphone, and get to cleaning! 


Not only is gardening fun, but it is a great skill for kids to learn that can teach them so much! Whether you want to grow flowers or things that you can eat, make the “chore” become an exciting adventure by visiting a nursery as a family to pick out the plants/seeds and other things needed like soil, fertilizer, posts, etc. Then, complete the steps together to have a great family memory and teach your children about how plants grow! As an added bonus, give your children the “special privilege” of being the caretaker of the garden for a day each week. They will learn responsibility, and love having a part in growing the plants. 

Gutter Cleaning

I originally had gutter cleaning on this list, but then realized that it can be dangerous and challenging for a lot of people, so instead of doing it as a family, I definitely recommend hiring the job out to professionals in the Atlanta area such as Peach State Pressure Wash. This family and veteran-owned company is located out of the Atlanta, Georgia area and provides services such as concrete restoration, fence & deck staining, window washing, pressure washing, and more, to both residential and commercial clients. 

They offer great yearly maintenance options, which allows you to forget about quite a few home projects, which is always nice. Plus, you services can be customized to your needs with additional add-on services and it ensures that your property will look its best year-round. If you go with that option, your yearly schedule might look something like this (this is the example yearly schedule that they provide): 

  • Gutter Cleaning with Downspout Flush
    April, July, October, January
  • House Wash (Annual)
  • Driveway and Sidewalk Wash (Annual)
  • Exterior Window Cleaning (2 per year)
    January and July
  • Deck or Patio Wash (Annual)
  • Porch Wash (Twice Annually)
    January and July
  • Post Pollen Season House Rinse (Annual)
  • Fence Wash (Annual)
  • Roof Wash (Annual)
  • Interior Window Cleaning (2 per year)
    January and July
  • Outdoor Furniture (Twice Annually)
    January and July

When the great people at Peach State Pressure Wash are not making your life a little easier, they are making the world a little better by being involved in the community. They are committed to reinvesting in the community through partnerships, charitable giving, and employment. They say, “For example, we have completed reduce-fee work for a local church that does significant work around homelessness and food deserts. We also enjoy participating in neighborhood events from neighborhood chili cook offs to festivals. This gives us a chance to get to know you and the communities we live, work and play in.” 


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