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Five Ways To Make Your Home Kid-Friendly

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As a parent, designing a stylish home can seem like a huge struggle. You want a space that is welcoming and safe for your children, but you also don’t want to live surrounded by toys and craft supplies. The biggest problems come from high-traffic spaces, like the kitchen and living room. These rooms see a lot of use from children and adults alike, so they have to work for everyone in the house. With that in mind, here are five ways to make an adult-approved, kid-friendly home.

Switch To Stain Resistant

Children are inherently messy creatures. They play with their food, color outside the lines, and make pies out of mud. While we often love this quirk about them, your wallpaper, carpeting, and furniture definitely won’t. Rather than accept that your kids will ruin your decor, you should switch to durable materials. Tile and hardwood flooring is a much safer option with kids around. For added warmth and comfort, however, you can lay down a rug. Leather couches are better too. 

Create A Play Space

Unless you’re careful, you’ll come home one day to find your house covered in toys. The easiest way to avoid this is to create a space for your little ones dedicated to playing. With a kids toy box, you can keep all of the mess relatively contained. Just remind your children to put a toy back before taking out another one. Whether you use an entire room or a spare corner of one, the space should feel like your child’s. This is why you should ask them to offer decor advice. 

Get Strategic With Storage

When you have kids running around the house, there really is no such thing as too much storage. Little ones come with a lot of stuff, especially in their earliest years. From clothes and diapers to books and games, there are many things that you need to put away. If you’ve already maxed out on closets, cupboards, and shelving, you need to get creative with your storage. Hidden storage, such as dual-purpose furniture, can really help to keep the house in order. 

Add A Silly Element

Even if your children have their own space to decorate, there’s no reason why you can’t add a childish flair to the rest of the house. Life is much too short to be serious, after all. Silly elements, like ornamental action figures and building block clocks, will give the family and your guests something to smile about. You could also take a few of your kids’ paintings and hang them on the walls. With an ornamental frame, even the most abstract of pieces will look professional. 

Make Sure It’s Safe

The family home is the one place in the world your that little ones should be safe. The trouble is, many parents ignore glaringly obvious safety threats. Dangling blind cords and sharp table edges could easily cause your children harm. Thankfully, there are easy fixes to many common household dangers. You could replace your square table with a round one, for example, and secure the cord to the wall. Make sure you search the entire house for potential risks. 

With the advice above, you can create a home that the entire family will enjoy. 



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