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4 Ways To Improve Your Marriage

Marriage is an amazing thing, but it takes a lot of hard work and effort. Because of this, you should always be working to improve your relationship – no matter how great (or bad) it is. If you keep working to improve your marriage at the best point, it will never fall below that. I believe that working on and improving your marriage starts from day 1 – when you say your I do’s. If you are looking for new ways to improve your marriage, check these out:

Have Fun

First thing is first – have fun! One thing that bothers me about marriage is the fact that so many people seem to think negatively about it. People constantly say that you will no longer be fun, or that you are losing yourself. That could not be further from the truth! If you are doing marriage correctly, you are having more fun than you ever have before. Prioritize laughter and happiness within your marriage and have fun doing so. Travel together, see movies, hang out with friends, and just be fun and have fun. 


Day-to-Day Actions

Family Life says, “Clearly, a few small actions won’t fix deep relationship problems. But for most of us, a handful of simple day-to-day actions increase the likelihood that our spouse feels that we care deeply about them, instead of feeling that we don’t. There’s just enormous power in that!

For nearly every man or woman, the same few small, gender-specific actions not only matter but have a huge impact on a couple’s level of happiness. But these little actions take on even more power when accompanied by those that matter to your spouse individually.

Let’s begin with the few small actions that the surveys indicate matter a lot to almost every man or woman—what we might call the Fantastic Five.

When individuals were asked on the survey if a particular action made them happy, the affirmative response numbers were staggeringly high for five specific actions for each gender, even among the struggling couples. Close to 100 percent of all husbands and wives said these actions mattered, with between 65 and 90 percent of all husbands and wives saying these actions would deeply please them.

In other words, you are very likely to make your spouse feel deeply cared for if you make a habit of doing the same five things consistently.”


Communication within marriage is key, in my opinion. A happy marriage = a marriage that you can communicate freely in. First of all, you need to be intentional about spending time together talking. Did you know that the average couple only spends about twenty minutes each week really taking with each other? How is that possible? Make sure you actually focus on sitting down and talking with your spouse, or else you will never be able to improve your communication in the first place. A few other tips that I have is to use “I” statements more than “you” statements. Placing the blame on your spouse is never the answer! Be specific when you do talk, so that the communication lines do not get mixed. Also, avoid mind reading. You do not know what they are thinking and they do not know what you are thinking. Last but not least, avoid being defensive. Communication is a back and forth effort between two people and getting defensive just escalates the situation (if there is a problem) even more.


If you have tried to improve the communication lines within your marriage to no avail, it may be time to consider counseling. Marriage and couples counseling can help you save, revitalize, and improve your relationship with your significant other with the help and support of professional counselors, such as the ones at Ray of Hope Counseling Services. They are dedicated to providing you with an excellent level of care to help you overcome your life challenges and changes. They say, “at Ray of Hope, we have experience in counseling people from different backgrounds. Lots of people have an idea of what relationship counseling is and think that you only need it when things get really bad. But we’re here whenever you need us, no matter what situation you face in your relationship. Even if your problems seem trivial, we can help. Ray of hope Counseling Services accepts all forms of insurance and Medicaid and has seven convenient locations (Kennesaw, Alpharetta, Conyers, Athens, Canton, Peachtree City, and Marietta), as well as online counseling. If you want to improve the communication lines within your marriage, I highly recommend counseling! 



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