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4 Creative Ways To Spend Time Together As A Family

Summer is unfortunately coming to a close (please stick around for just a bit longer, summer!), and I am trying to smush in so many fun activities with my family before we all get back to the grind of the school year. Like many, I have been hit by the summer slump and I have been having a hard time coming up with creative ways to spend time together as a family. While I love sitting in front of the TV and binge watching movies, I really want to get us out and about, in order to enjoy our time together as a family before the school year starts, so I sat down, told my brain to start working, and I came up with these creative ideas:


As a family, it can be so fun to travel together, especially during the summer when you do not have to worry about school, homework, or other priorities (for your kids, that is). But, unfortunately, trips are expensive and if you do not have your finances in order, you might think that a trip is out of the question for the year. You are right to play it smart – you never want to get stressed out about finances in order to take a trip, but if you already have one planned for your family and need a bit of help saving up for it, consider checking out Chapes-JPL, located out of Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. Chapes-JPL provides low-interest collateral watch loans, gold loans, diamond loans, and other luxury loans, as well. They say, “Low interest watch loans in Atlanta for over 38 years. Unlike a traditional pawn shop, we provide affordable loans on watches and other assets. Since we are not in the business of selling jewelry or watches, we keep our rates low to ensure our clients can afford to redeem their loan. Furthermore, by providing an affordable pawn shop alternative, our clients can use the same item repeatedly when necessary.” The best part when it comes to Chapes-JPL is the fact that they make the process easy. You are able to get loans in as little as 15 minutes and they have the expertise and experience to handle loans up to 5 million dollars on high-end collections. If you are not interested in a collateral loan, Chapes-JPL will also buy your valuables outright, so you do not have to worry about paying them back and instead, you can take the family trip of your dreams! 


This might not seem like a fun activity, but I promise you that it can be! Exercise doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym and lifting weights. When I think of exercise for families, I think of playing soccer in the park, biking on a local trail, hiking a nearby mountain, or even paddleboarding on the lake! There are so many different ways that you can get exercise as a family while getting to spend some quality time with each other. It can be a fun way to stay active and healthy, and make great memories!

DIY Home Decor Project

Get the whole family involved in a DIY home decor project that will give you some valuable time together while making your house look nicer! If there is something that you have been wanting to do for a while, such as painting cabinets, making a door wreath, moving furniture around, or anything else your heart can dream up, pull out the creative side of your family by doing it all together. 

Tackle Chores Together

When you think of household chores, you probably do not think of having a good time. However, doing them with your family is a great way to knock out the things that must be done while also making them a little bit more enjoyable. While you could assign areas of the house, a more fun way to do it is to keep the family in the same room and tackle it all together. That way, you can all socialize and have fun together while the work is being done! Turn on some music, dance around with the broom, and your house will be spotless in no time. As an added bonus, having kids help out with the chores teaches them good habits, encourages them to keep the house cleaner, and gives them a sense of accomplishment knowing that they helped out in keeping everything neat. 


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