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Friday Love List: Perfect for Moms and Kids!

Hey yall!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a Friday Love List but I just had to today because I have to share two awesome products that I am loving this week (and have been for a while, but I haven’t had time to blog lately because #life).

This week’s Love List features two great items- one for the mamas, and one for the kiddos AND mamas! These two awesome products help make Mom Life EASIER, which I am always looking for!!

Paw Patrol HD WiFi Camera

First up is the Paw Patrol HD WiFi Camera! We love this camera because it serves as a baby monitor of sorts for us to keep tabs on the kiddos. With the Paw Patrol HD WiFi Camera Monitor, we now feel the ultimate sense of security, and of course our Paw Patrol obsessed kiddos love that I can “Watch them on Chase”!

This cute and ultra HD Paw Patrol themed camera allows you to keep an eye on your little one through a hidden camera located on the collar of Chase, one of the lead characters from the popular children’s show, Paw Patrol. Featuring a 1080p HD camera to record crystal clear images and video and 120 degree wide angle camera with digital zoom for large spaces and rooms, this camera is literally all you need to have set-up to feel secure knowing you can see what your kids are doing.

My favorite feature is that you can watch it on your phone through the EMATIC app, and even speak to the kids through a speaker!

The Paw Patrol HD WiFI Camera features infrared lights and night vision so you can see up to 20 feet in a dark room, so you will never miss a moment with the Paw Patrol HD WiFi Camera Monitor. It’s a big winner in our home! Find it here!


Freemie Liberty Breast Pump System

I’ve been very vocal about what a breastfeeding advocate I am and have been through all three kiddos. This time, we are 17 months into our breastfeeding journey with no end in sight! Of course, as a working mom, that means not only am I a nursing mom, I’m a pumping mom. As a pumping mom, you definitely want to enjoy/at least tolerate your pump, because you’ll be hooked up a lot of time throughout the day!

One thing that has been a total game changer this time around versus my last two times of pumping is the Freemie® Liberty Breast Pump system, which are collection cups that you stick into your bra, versus the traditional pumps that hang. I can’t even tell you what a difference these cups make! Not only is it much more discreet, but they are easy to use- I’ve even pumped in meetings and it’s hardly noticeable at all!

Bet ya couldn’t even tell I had Freemie cups in the picture above, could you? Dr. Stella Dao was inspired to invent the Freemie® system as she prepared to go back to work after the birth of her preemie twins. A Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, Dr. Dao was struggling with the need to return to work with the need to breastfeed her vulnerable twins when she came up with the idea of collecting breast milk with your shirt on, and your hands free. As a doctor, she knew it had to be safe and reliable. And as a working mother, she knew it had to be affordable so that every mom who needed her solution would have access to it. I can’t even tell you what a blessing the Freemie system is as a teacher who constantly gets walked in on while pumping- with the Freemies, I’ve had people have full conversations with me and not even know I was pumping!

The innovative Freemie® Breast Pump System lets moms pump anytime, anywhere, around anyone! And, to make it even better, the Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands Free Breast Pump is totally portable! Clip the pump on to your beltloops, have the cups in your bra, and have the freedom to literally do ANYTHING- except maybe a handstand 😉 I seriously can’t get over the fact that I can be completely hands free and free to move around while pumping!  No more big, dangling pumps with bottles hanging off the end! The revolutionary Freemie® collection system is a hands-free and concealable way to pump and collect breast milk. Freemie® Cups solve an amazingly wide array of breastfeeding dilemmas by allowing moms to pump anywhere, even on the job in most cases (or my favorite, in the car!)

So how does it work? Each Freemie® Collection Cup has a funnel and valve integrated into the cup assembly that connect to a traditional breast pump that feel and work like regular breast pump equipment when placed over the breasts. Milk collects in cups that surround the funnels instead of falling down and hanging in bottles below the funnels. Freemie® cups, used right underneath regular clothing, are intuitive and more comfortable than any other hands-free pumping system. With a bra as support, the weight of the collecting milk is hardly noticeable because the cups are super lightweight, and their shape naturally supported by the bra structure. And you don’t have to buy a whole new pump to use Freemie® if you already have one, since they are already compatible with many pumps! For more information, please visit:




Disclosure: I received free product from Freemie and Ematic in exchange for my open and honest review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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