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Popular Birthday Parties For Kids 

Birthday parties are an exciting opportunity for kids to get together, celebrate and have fun. For parents and adults though, the thought of planning, organizing and hosting a party can quickly create stress and anxiety! But birthdays don’t have to be a hassle. With a little prep and organization, parents can plan a fantastic party on almost any scale that will be fun for everyone. One of the most important step in planning a successful party is finding the right theme. So to help you get started, we’ve put together a list of a few of the most popular boy and girl birthday ideas.



From to Sofia the First to General Leia, every girl has a princess to admire. Princesses are elegant, sophisticated and powerful leaders that girls love to emulate. Princess parties can be traditional with dresses and tiaras or a little more contemporary. Either way, princess parties are a birthday staple and girls are sure to love an excuse to dress up, eat cake and have fun.



It’s no secret that most girls love animals. Girls tend to gravitate toward unicorns, horses, dolphins, mermaids and other kinds of powerful companion animals. Girls love to interact with and befriend animals and a party themed around a favorite animal give parents the creative freedom to do anything from providing pony rides to playing pin the tail on the donkey.

Crafting Parties

Birthday parties are an outstanding opportunity for a girl to express her inner artist. Girls love the thrill that comes with creative execution. A party themed around baking, art, or another crafting activity is a fun way to demonstrate independence, appreciate accomplishment and embrace creativity. Crafting parties are simple to arrange and can be as messy or orderly as parents need.

Tea party

Girls love the refinement and poise that come from a classic tea party. Tea parties are the perfect blend of social games, food, regality and the excitement of growing up. Tea parties are fun for parents as well, giving them the opportunity to experiment with different variations in finger sandwiches, drinks (most children don’t like actual tea) designs and even time periods.




Boys love animals as well but usually a different kind. Boys are often interested in animals that are exciting, dangerous or unusual like dinosaurs, sharks, reptiles or monsters. These kinds of animals don’t appear very often in everyday life, making them interesting and mysterious. Boys love activities that let them explore, learn, interact with, or catch fierce or mysterious creatures.


Sports birthday parties are a classic and are just the right combination of competition, athleticism, physical activity, and fun. Most boys play and enjoy some sort of sport too, making it a natural choice for a party. Sports parties lend themselves to easy entertainment as well, since it’s only natural to play, watch or participate somehow in a sport throughout the event.


Whether it’s planes, boats, trains or cars, boys seem to be drawn to vehicles and anything that can go fast! Transportation themed parties are easy to organize and can be as general or specific as parents need. These events can center around specific characters or toys like the Cars movies, or Hot Wheels toys or can just incorporate the vehicles themselves.


Boys love the adventure and excitement of the wild west. Western parties encompass a strong sense of freedom, independence and unpredictability and a chance to explore a completely different world. Western parties also have a wide range of possibilities and can include anything from the traditional wild west to the more contemporary Han Solo style space cowboy.

Girls and Boys  

Pop Culture Parties

Whether its Lego, Star Wars, Paw Patrol or Frozen, kids will always be into with something new. Parties from kid pop culture are a guaranteed success and kids love to participate in and share what is popular with their friends. Pop culture parties let parents be as creative or simple as they want as they find ways to incorporate characters and stories into the party activities and designs.


Kids love the ideas of overcoming evil and saving the day that superheroes represent. Superheroes are more popular than ever and there are dozens of teams or standalone heroes for kids to choose from. Superheroes today are men and women from all over the world (and other worlds!) in every kind of lifestyle imaginable, ensuring there is a hero out there for everyone.


Sleepovers are a huge hit for kids who are a little older. While it might mean listening to laughter all night, kids love the sense of independence that sleepovers offer. Overnight parties are popular with parents as well since they can start later in the day and are easy to plan. Kids old enough to stay over are usually happy with something as simple as pizza and a few games or movies.

Video Games

Boys and girls both love the challenging, interactive and narrative nature of video games, especially with their increased ease of access through smart devices. Video game parties can focus on a specific game or series like Minecraft or Pokémon, encompass a genre of video games or a company like arcade games or Nintendo, or even broadly include video games as a whole.

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