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Fabric Care with Dryel

Hey y’all!

I know by now, y’all know I love Dryel for my home dry-cleaning! I love that it gives you wardrobe freedom, it saves you money, and you can get the same quality of dry-cleaning without ever leaving your home! I’m sure you are a convert by now and my wise words have driven you to try Dryel for yourselves already…


..but if not, there’s more! Another reason I love Dryel is because it provides complete fabric care. Dryel won’t shrink, stretch, or fade your clothes one bit! So many times, I am afraid to wash my favorite black pieces of clothing, but not with Dryel! It’s my go-to for black clothes, and I know they will be just perfect when they come out of the dryer!

I always feel like washing clothes is a gamble. If I put this on hot, it will shrink. If I dry this and forget it in the dryer (oops!) it will come out super wrinkly. Oh, can’t wash this top because it gets all weird and stretchy.  Well, throw those worries to the wind because Dryel has your back and won’t let any of those laundry faux pas happen to you again!

As always, Dryel works in three simple steps! Pre-treat, clean in the dryer bag, and wear! It’s that simple!

Too good to be true that Dryel won’t fade or shrink your clothes? Check out their comparison photos below! You can see that 50 WASHES with Dryel looks exponentially better than even just 10 washes in the washing machine with other detergent! So crazy!


Happy Washing!



Disclosure: I received compensation for this post from Dryel, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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