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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Part 2, For the Mamas and Papas!

Hey y’all,

It’s time for the big people! Part 2 of my 2018 Holiday Gift Guide is for the mamas and papas! Like I mentioned in Part 1 For the Kids, I am focusing a lot on self-care and reading this year, with a touch of cooking/food, so enjoy!

For the Mamas and Papas


Looking to take care of your skin or help someone else pamper themselves? BioSphere is a boutique, family & woman-owned company in the Occitanie region in the south of France who has just expanded their line from Europe into the US.

BioSphere lives by the French expression, “Être bien dans sa peau” – “To be good in one’s skin” – comfortable and confident in your natural, authentic self. BioSphere is an authentic French luxury experience (and who doesn’t want to give someone that experience for Christmas!?) that is cruelty free, vegan, and free from all nasties like parabens, sulfates, silicones, and more.

I love BioSphere because it gives both instant results, as well as long term benefits. I was able to try the Délice Lait Corps (Organic Body Lotion), Jeunesse Crème Anti Age (Anti Aging Cream), and the Lumière Crème Jour (Anti-Pollution and Mattifying Day Cream). They are so great, smell so good, and have my skin feeling great after only a week of use! For once, I actually have a skin-care routine that is easy enough for my to keep up with, but is actually working!

BioSphere products retail from $27-$57 and are available both on as well as


Kosmatology Holiday Foaming Hand Soaps

These smell-good holiday hand soaps make a perfect gift for a new homeowner, someone who takes pride in decorating her home for the holidays, a hostess, or let’s be honest, anyone that washes her hands 🙂 Available in three fun, seasonal scents, these foaming hands soaps are a fragrant and useful gift from Kosmatology!

Dr. Janis Covey created the Kosmatology line of products to combat the eczema her youngest daughter was experiencing. My hands feel velvety soft after each time I wash my hands, which is a far cry from most other soaps I have used!! Not to mention it automatically turns to Christmas in my mind each time I use these soaps 🙂

Kosmatology Holiday Foaming Hand Soaps retail for $9.99 each, or $35.99 for a gift boxed set; they are available at, and at select stores and spas across the country.


Sublime Body Butter

Another great option for self-care and beauty gifts is Sublime Body Butter! This stuff is equal parts velvety-smooth and deliciously-scented, making it my new go-to lotion! “The CEO,” is a scent for the women who goes out and takes care of business, and the “Black Widow” is for those with a dark side. “Glow Forth & Conquer” is for those who slay the minute they walk into a room.  Love these creative names and scents!

The founder of Sublime founder is a “mixologist” of sorts and makes all products in Portland, Oregon. She incorporates Brazilian nut butter for dry skin in some, avocado butter to reduce dark marks and wrinkles in others, but they all have hydrosols to leave your skin hydrated and smooth. Literally the best body butter I’ve ever tried! And I love that the pump tubes are small enough to keep in almost any purse or clutch!

Check out Sublime Body Butters at!

Sips by Box

Looking for a gift for a tea lover? Or just the girl that has everything? Then this next gift is perfect! The Sips By box is a monthly subscription box personally matches you with different teas from all over the world!! She’ll love being introduced to new premium teas and brands each month, and will thank you for such a fun and unique gift!

My box came with 4 different teas, including Just Beet It and TeaPigs Happy, as well as extra tea bags for the loose leaf teas. To start out with, I tried the Just Beet It tea, which was a loose leaf tea. It’s fruity, has high caffeine, and was so good hot- but would be delicious cold, as well!

You can order your Sips By Box at for only $15 per month! They even give you a survey to try to help pick which teas would be best for you! Enjoy!

Newfangled Confections

You can give me this gift ANY day of the week! Newfangled Confections is a brand of indulgent treats that you’ll take one bite of and never want to put down again! Bonus—they are all gluten-free! AND before I get too ahead of myself, I have a coupon code for 30% off your order Nov. 10 – 13! Use code ACCIDENTAL30 at checkout here!

Newfangled Confections has a variety of candies and treats, including their Signature Frittle (a modern twist on a fudge-like peanut
brittle PLUS it is VEGAN), Southern Pralines, and Sweet & Spicy Pecans! ALL of these treats are absolutely to die for and melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

Artisanal candymaker Carrie Abbott launched her line of throwback candy dish favorites back in 2012., and these sophisticated and modern candies will be a hit for whoever you gift them to! Inspired by childhood memories but not at all your grandma’s candies, these sweets are perfect to bring to holiday parties, as well!

Ranging in price from $4 – $7, these unique sweet treats and gift baskets make memorable, indulgent gifts for any occasion for mamas, papas, grandparents, party hosts, friends, co-workers, or random people passing on the streets 🙂
Newfangled Confections Frittle is available regionally at Target, Kroger, Fresh Thyme, Tractor Supply, nationally at The Fresh Market, Beall’s, Raley’s, Books-Million as well as high-end shops and markets. They are also online at!

Fissler SensoRed Frying Pan

Moving on to cooking products, this next gift option is perfect for anyone who loves to cook, or even needs a little help in the kitchen! The Fissler SensoRed Frying Pan is not just another frying pan- this one helps you know exactly when the pan is ready and at the optimal heat for cooking by changing from a light red color with speckles to a deep red color with no speckles.

The SensoRed is an exciting new innovation in frying pans. It utilizes a thermo-sensitive nonstick coating to let you know when the right frying temperature has been reached, making it fool-proof for kitchen newbies like me! I also love that it is truly non-stick, in that after cooking in it, the food slides off seamlessly, leaving nothing behind! Give it a quick wipe-down and it’s good as new!

The Fissler SensoRed comes in 3 different sizes, 8 inch, 9.5 inch, and 11 inch and can be found here!

Capresso Pour-Over Kettle

Up above you saw my new assortment of teas in the Sips by Box, and now comes the other part of a good cup of tea, a great kettle! I love the Capresso Pour-Over Kettle for so many reasons! First, it has a timer that track the perfect steeping time. It also has a digital reading of the temperature, and you can set it to reach whatever temperature you want. A major plus is the keep warm feature which maintains your desired temperature. When I use it for coffee, I let it get to 195, since I use cream that will cool it down. When I make hot tea, I only let it get to 175 (I know it should be hotter) but this way I can drink it faster!

I also love the gorgeous, sleek design of the Capresso Pour-Over Kettle! Even when it’s not being used, it’s a great kitchen accessory to keep out! The stainless steel and beautiful spout put it way ahead of other kettles!

Grab your own Capresso Pour-Over Kettle at Capresso’s website for only $149.99!

The Best Damn Answers to Life’s Hardest Questions

The Best Damn Answers to Life’s Hardest Questions by Tess Koman (September 4; $12.95) is a collection of 54 illustrated flowcharts, pros and cons lists, and rants which prove that every question, thought, and decision, no matter how ridiculous or irresponsible, is completely valid.

I love this cute little book because it provides the answers, or the way to the answers, for a lot of questions that I ponder in my every day life anyway, like when is too early to go to bed, or if I reeeeally need that shower I don’t want to take! HAHA. Oh, and of course, Am I turning into my mother? I mean, I don’t really need a flow chart to answer that one, but it’s still cute!

Find this great book on Amazon here and gift it to any gal with a good sense of humor!

Ali on Ali: Why He Said What He Said When He Said It 

Ali on Ali: Why He Said What He Said When He Said It by Hana Ali with Danny Perry (May 1; $14.95)
brings together a remarkable mix of 70 of Ali‘s most humorous, poignant, inspirational, political, and philosophical quotes, all with their origins.

My hubby is a huge Muhammad Ali fan, and says that for someone to be that confident, charming, humble, and funny at the same time makes him an icon worth following. He is in awe of the fact that he was stripped of greatness and a title because of his political stance at the peak of his greatness, yet he continued to have faith enough to believe that he would rise again. So when I surprised him with this book, he was so thrilled!

Compiled and written by his daughter, Hana Ali, the incredible quotes are accompanied throughout with powerful photographs, from iconic fight scenes to never-before-seen Ali family snapshots. Any boxing fan or Ali fan will be thrilled to get this under the tree this year!

Cube Tracker

Ok, so maybe not everyone needs this one as much as me, but lawdy do I lose my keys a lot! We have a special drawer, or I usually keep them in my purse, but more than once a week they are just gone and nowhere to be found. Thankfully, I was introduced to the Cube Tracker, which can be used to find your keys, phone, purse, jacket or anything else of importance. Simply attach your sleek Cube to that item, then when it goes missing, ping Cube with your mobile phone to track it down. Or if you (heaven forbid) lose your phone, use the Cube to make your phone ring. It will make it sound off even if it is set to silent, which mine almost always is, since I’m a teacher!

I love this product for it’s ease of use and for how useful it actually is! Give this gift and you’ll be saving someone a lot of stress! Find the Cube Tracker for $29.95 at




Disclosure: I received free product from Cube Tracker, Capresso, Fissler, Kosmotology, Newfangled Confections, Sips by Box, BioSphere, and copies of Ali on Ali and The Best Damn Answers to Life’s Hardest Questions, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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