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Friday Love List – September 14, 2018

Hey y’all!

I’m so excited to get the Friday Love List back up and running again! It’s always fun for me to share new ideas and products with you, and tell you what things helped us have a great week!

This week, I have two things for the Teachers in the group!

Scholastic Book Program:

This year, I decided to try something new for my classroom. I had seen the idea floating around and finally decided to pull the trigger when I saw my sister-in-law having a lot of success with it!

The idea is simple. Get 20-ish volunteers to donate $9 each, and you can provide a Scholastic book (NEW! From the dollar section of Scholastic’s website) to each student, each month, for the whole year! Essentially, each person who donates $9 is sponsoring a child for the year. Well, not only did I get every student sponsored (WAHOO!), but people were also throwing in a few extra dollars for Starbucks runs, treats, and extra books for my classroom. I was completely blown away by my family and friends, and how they stepped in to help my 2ndgrade sweeties who may not get new books each month otherwise!

For any teachers interested in doing this, it’s not too late! Feel free to copy and paste the below status on Facebook and see what happens!

Facebook Post Example: 

Friends and family: here’s a great opportunity to donate and help my sweet students succeed!

Each month I send Scholastic Book Club fliers home for students/ families to purchase books if they would like. Many of my families do not purchase books to have at home. Of course, I allow them to borrow the books from my classroom library, but the extra books help to boost their reading levels and make for a literacy rich class & home environment. Sooooo…. Here’s the idea I’d like to try out this year:

How cool would it be for these students to receive one free book every month? Scholastic has books every month that are $1. I would LOVE for each of my students to be able to bring home and keep one new book each month during the school year from September to May. If I select the $1 book, that’s only $9 per child (for a FULL school year)

Would anyone be interested in “sponsoring” a child in my class? You could mail me a check/cash/send PayPal for $9 and that child would get a new book to take home each month! Or, you could also PayPal me the $9 earmarked for Scholastic Books. If you’re interested in helping out with this project let me know! I currently have 21 second grade students in my class. Just think about how wonderful it would be to send each child home with a new book each month! Message me or comment and I can send you a message with my info! Thank you!

Also, if you are able to donate, please PM me your mailing address; I’d love to have the sweet student you sponsor write you a thank you note! ❤️


Rocketbook Erasable notebook and pens

Now this is a product I can get excited about as a teacher AND blogger. This revolutionary new notebook, called the Rocketbook Everlast, allows you to take notes, scan them into your phone using the Rocketbook app, and then ERASE. THE. PAGES. using a slightly wet towel. I’m not kidding you. You can erase the pages to reuse the notebook over and over again, but the app code ensures you don’t lose your notes when you erase! Y’all, this idea just completely blew my mind.

Check out Rocketbook’s funny video on how these work! You can also see my very own Rocketbook Everlast in action below as I completed my To-Do List!

You can snag your own Rocketbook Everlast notebook at Be sure to grab any FriXion Pens from Pilot as well, as those are the only pens that work with this revolutionary erasable notebook!

Y’all! I can’t even say enough good things about this notebook. It’s nice and thin because once you are done with a list, you can just wipe it clean! Never shove your old notebooks into boxes again… just store the picture in the app and wipe. Love it!



Disclosure: I received a Rocketbook notebook in exchange for my open and honest review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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