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Friday Love List- August 31, 2018

The Accidental Mrs.' favorite things on The Friday Love List

Hey y’all!

The Friday Love List has always been one of my favorite features on this blog, but it always seems like anytime I get busy, it’s the first thing I forget about! But alas, it is back to tell us some of my/my families favorite things! This week, we are loving my favorite earrings, Andres’ favorite lovey toy, Mr. R’s new food blog, and a program I’m doing in school. So here goes!

Teeny Tiny Geo earrings by Diana Ferguson

These earrings are everything I was hoping for and more! Diana Ferguson, the genius designer behind these unique earrings, creates each pair in her studio, resulting in a true original. You can choose from three lengths: 2″, 2.5″, or 3″ (I’m wearing 2 inch in these pictures!) See our Earring Length Guide if you’re not sure which length is right for you.

These signature Petals to the Metal Earrings are shaped in beautiful, intricate clusters that are visually hard to miss, but surprisingly lightweight and comfortable. Cotton rag watercolor paper is hand-patterned using original acrylic films, cut and dapped to shape and then glazed with a glossy enamel finish. These beauties are perfect for everyday wear or as an evening statement piece.

Check out more Diana Ferguson beauties here, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook


Lately, we are loving on our Slumberkins Bigfoot Stuffie! Baby Andres has been under he weather with a fever, so he’s been extra cuddly, and we are both happy to have Bigfoot here for all-night cuddles!

These snuggle-worthy best friends come with an affirmation card and sleepytime rhyme book, too! Talk about a perfect little gift set! And there are so many animals and options, you can find the perfect one for any sweet little one. I personally love the Unicorn and the Fox, who is perfect for a little one going through a family change or transition. His story speaks to changes not being his fault, which would really resonate with a little one going through that! And of course, our Bigfoot is out favorite! Bigfoot’s heartwarming story of acceptance and strength boosts readers’ self-esteem and self-worth. And we could all use a little dose of that!

Slumberkins was founded as a creative collaboration between owners Callie and Kelly in 2015, while they were both on maternity leave together. They knew they could use their education and background to create a more meaningful children’s product unlike anything on the market.  By infusing each Slumberkins with therapeutic techniques and skill-building exercises through the accompanying Sleepytime Rhymes, the brand was launched with the intention of helping children everywhere.

When paired with the Sleepytime Rhyme board book, Slumberkins help create a loving routine to deepen your bond with your little one while promoting positive life skills. 

El Moodie Foodie

Mr. R has a blog, y’all! That’s right, after years of guest posts here with his delicious recipes, he has FINALLY decided to share his genius with the world! 😛 At El Moodie Foodie, you’ll find recipes (both keto and non), product and restaurant reviews, and his stories about his relationship with food and in the kitchen.

To say I’m a proud blogger wife is an understatement! With his delicious recipes, masterful storytelling skills, and top-notch photography, he’s already killing the blog game! Check him out at, on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!




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