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Boost Your Baby’s Sleep with the Huckleberry Sleep App

Hey y’all!

It’s no secret that Baby Andres is a pretty terrible sleeper :/ Maybe it’s from bragging too much when he was younger and would only wake once at night, maybe it’s from round-the-clock nursing and him becoming a boob monster, but whatever it is, it stinks. I’ve been desperate to try things- to the point where I 100% considered paying $4,000 to have a sleep trainer come sleep in our house for 3 days to train him LOL. Thinking back, I sounded like a crazy person, but little to no sleep will make your head spin.

Recently, though, we have all been resting our heads a little more each night. We recently found Huckleberry Sleep, an app that helps guide parents to help their babies sleep! At this point, I’ll try anything, but I was actually really excited to get started with Huckleberry.

If you don’t have time to read and want to watch a video review of the Huckleberry Sleep App, see below for video + cute baby 🙂

The Process

The Huckleberry app works in three simple steps.

1. Track your baby’s sleep for 3+ days. This includes naps. I found this step really helpful because I was much more conscious of his sleep and wake times, rather than just saying he was “up all night”. I started seeing trends, which is a big factor in nipping bad habits in the bud.

2. Take a survey of how you’d like this process to go, what kind of issues you are having, etc. Submit your survey and tracker for a sleep analysis, and Huckleberry’s team of experts will analyze your data and their wheels will start turning…

3. Receive your personalized sleep recommendations. Now, these are totally and completely just for you! Every baby and every family is different, so Huckleberry’s recommendations will vary for everyone.

The Recommendations

After receiving our recommendations, we began on our 6 week journey. Recommendations will vary in length based on what you want out of the experience. I said I was ok with it taking a little longer for him to sleep through the night, but I’d prefer less crying. If you are totally fine with crying it out, your recommendation might be shorter. Full disclaimer- we are still in the middle of our journey as our 6 weeks are not quite finished! Our recommendations included first setting a nighttime routine, then helping him fall asleep without nursing (our biggest problem) and then moving on to skipping middle of the night feedings in order to help him sleep through the night.

The Results

So like I said, we are not quite finished with our 6 weeks yet, but the results are definitely promising! So far, we’ve definitely established an earlier bedtime and a bedtime routine. We can very quickly see when he is ready to turn in for the night (around 7:30) so our goal is getting him to bed by 8. I’ve begun to feed him earlier so he associates nursing with feeling full, not falling asleep. The night wakings have become more sporadic, and less frequent, but he does still want to nurse when/if he wakes up, so that’s our last hurdle. Happy to report that sometimes I can just pat his butt to sleep 🙂 We still have a little ways to go but I’m definitely happy with the progress we are seeing. Most of all, it was enlightening information for me on things I may unintentionally be doing to hinder his sleep, and great recommendations on what to do instead.

The Huckleberry Sleep App can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes store or Google Play Store for Android!

Good luck and sweet dreams!


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Huckleberry Sleep App, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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