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Baby Andres is 5 AND 6 months old!

¬†OMG YA’LL! My poor baby turned 5 AND 6 months old and I never posted about either ūüôĀ MOM OF THE YEAR!

Full disclosure, it’s my summer break and for some reason I’m terrible at blogging in the summer! We’ve been in Disney World and now getting ready for 3 weeks at the beach! So to say I’ve been busy is an understatement! I’m going to try and go back and recap 5 and 6 months below!

5 Month Stats

  • Weight:¬†17 lbs
  • Height:¬†Literally no idea haha🙂
  • Sleeping:¬†Usually in his crib and pretty much through the night- sometimes wants to cuddle and snack but right back to sleep after that!
  • Eating:¬†Nursing every 2 to 3 hours or taking a 5-6 oz. bottle of pumped milk.
  • Waking: None or once a night
  • Wearing:¬†Fully in 6-9 month clothes!
  • Diapers: 3s
  • Doing:Rolling back to front and front to back, sitting in his bumbo seat, smiling socially, laughing, likes to be tickled,playing with toys, holding a bottle, smiling and giggling (consistently started at 11 weeks), rolling over from front to back (around 10 weeks), tummy time, following voices and noises, kicking legs and grabbing at toys.

6 Month Stats

  • Weight:¬†18.4 lbs
  • Height:¬†Not sure- he goes for his 6 month check up¬†right before he turns 7 months haha¬†🙂
  • Sleeping: 2 words- sleep regression!! He’ll squirm, realize no one is holding him, and DEMAND to have arms the rest of the night! We are missing our snoozes lol
  • Eating: Back to being exclusively breastfed instead of bottle since I’m home for the summer! Woo hoo- bye bye pump! He has also started trying some foods- bananas (whole and pureed), pureed apples, avocado, potato, oatmeal, and even a little lick of ice cream ūüėČ
  • Wearing: 6-9 or 9-12!
  • Diapers: 4s
  • Doing:¬†Rolling both ways, totally mobile thanks to said rolling, loves to grab my neck and kiss me, has total mama-itis!

Words can’t describe what I feel for this sweet boy, y’all! He is the best baby and I just want to freeze life right here and never let him grow up!!! <3




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