4 Uses For A Panel Saw

At a company called Saw Trax Manufacturing, Inc.  they offer some of the best saws in their field, including a machine that can cut almost all sheet goods with just one proper cutting insert! In addition to some standard circular saws that their panel saws have, they also offer a unique carriage which allows the use of different cutting tools! Not many businesses offer something as unique as this!


Image: Saw Trax

The company was found in 1988 by a Naval Aviator named Michael Della Polla. He was not satisfied with the design of cutting guides that were used by circular saws at the time. The way he saw it, something needed to change and quickly to help his customers. He began to make what’s called, the panel saw kit, in 1992. In 1997, Saw Trax came out with their very first panel saw and the company began to improve their own design ever since. Now that machine isn’t just a saw but also a mat cutter, aluminum cutter, panel router and glass cutter!

What is a panel saw? It’s really a broad generalization which can describe any saw that can cut wood into various sheets or sized parts. A panel saw can be found in various sizes from a small table model to even large floor models that are meant for very large projects. A panel saw also can be found in two different orientations: vertical or horizontal. They can be used for 4 specific items that I’ll be sharing below.

  1. Prop Homes – a prop house is a company that provides props for television, stage plays or film. Many of these prop houses create their own props and a panel saw is an individual tool that helps them employ in their set department. There are several scenes found in film that are in front of a backdrop that is made from wood and then painted. The panel saw is capable of cutting those large pieces of plywood that are used in this particular industry. They even create dummy walls which are walls that are on wheels and can be locked in place but then moved if you need too. Having a panel saw helps to save the prop house added cost in framing and using drywall to create an actual wall.
  2. Sign Making – When thinking of our street signs or large signs, companies will use a panel saw to help. Companies that create wood or melamine signs of all types of sizes will often have a panel saw in their workshop. Using this machine, a sign maker is easily cut sheets of plywood of different thickness into multiple sizes for use as sign blanks. Having this particular saw creates a soft edge so finishing is a minimum.
  3. Cabinetry – There is nothing worse than realizing cabinet does not fit properly into a space or close, especially if you are wanting something custom done. These issues are actually because it’s improper cutting of the materials. If you had a panel saw to help, you’re able to set it with specific dimensions and the ncut the wood appropriately. The cut will be identical each time it’s created. This means that the cabinets are going to be put together and fit perfectly without any problems because each and every piece is the same size, every single time. Having custom cabinets are often exclusively prepared using a panel saw due to the expense associate with custom jobs.
  4. Tables and Dressers – Cutting wood for a dresses can be made easier if you use a panel saw. How so you ask? When you think of a dresser, they consist of a back, a top, a bottom, two sides and drawer. If you inspect your dresser you will notice that all the pieces that went into making the dresser are all identical pieces of wood. It’s the same type of wood and the same thickness. Having a cheaper dresser uses sheets of wood for the back. Having a panel saw was most likely used to cut those pieces due to their uniform look.

Now that you’ve read a few various ways that panel saws are used to make items that we use and se every day, you’ll be able to share with friends and family that you know that majority of all these things are because of using a panel saw!



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