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Baby Andres is 4 Months Old!

Hey y’all!

FOUR MONTHS. 1/3 of his first year! Baby Andres is already 4 months old and growing up just way too fast for my liking. And actually, now that I’m finally posting this, he’s almost 5 months old LOL. This is by far at my favorite “baby age” right now. He’s cooing, laughing, smiling, wiggling, playing with toys, but still not very mobile 😛 Seriously y’all, this kid is the sweetest, easiest baby ever and he makes me want to have a million more (kidding, kind of).

So, what’s Baby Boy up to these days? Well, trying out his first foods, thanks to Tommee Tippee’s Soft Tip Feeding Spoons! We started with avocado a few days ago and he looooved the taste. He was rooting for it just like he does with milk. Luckily, these spoons are super soft to protect his little gums, and they are easy to hold! We love them around here.

He’s also cutting his first teeth! Picture for proof 🙂


4 Month Stats

  • Weight: 16.4 lbs
  • Height: Not sure- he goes for his 4 month check up tomorrow 🙂
  • Sleeping: Usually in his crib and pretty much through the night- sometimes wants to cuddle and snack but right back to sleep after that!
  • Eating: Nursing every 2 to 3 hours or taking a 5 oz. bottle of pumped milk.
  • Waking: None or once a night
  • Wearing: Fully in 6-9 month clothes!
  • Diapers: 3s
  • Doing: Sitting in his bumbo seat, smiling socially, laughing, likes to be tickled, is getting two teeth, playing with toys, holding a bottle, smiling and giggling (consistently started at 11 weeks), rolling over from front to back (around 10 weeks), tummy time, following voices and noises, kicking legs and grabbing at toys. He also went on his second trip to Disney World already!

And of course, more cute pictures for ya!

 See y’all back soon for the 5 month update 😛

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