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Keep Up With Your Health Goals with Fogo de Chão

Hey y’all!

As I look in the rear view mirror of life and see the first quarter of 2018 rolling by, I think back to where I was in January. Newly home with a fresh-out-of-the-NICU preemie, two other kids pulling my hair or climbing on my back, and crying over the fact that I wasn’t bouncing back quite as easily after Baby #3. Try as I have over the past 3 months, having given birth to 3 kids in the past 4 years has taken a toll on my body.

Although I’ve been able to diet easily in the past, eating enough calories (healthy calories) is a huge part of being able to successfully breastfeed, so I’m not quite able to fully commit to dieting just yet. Throw into that mix family dinners and going out to eat, and I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Luckily, when we go to eat at on of our favorites for a date night or special occasion, Fogo de Chão, I won’t have to worry anymore! Fogo de Chão (known for their all-you-can-eat Brazilian meats), is actually a perfect place for families or couples who might be vegetarian (I know, it’s like an oxymoron!), gluten-intolerant, or simply looking to eat healthier, like I am.

Keeping Up with Your Health Goals at Fogo de Chao

So I know you are wondering HOW someone could actually eat well at a place like Fogo de Chão. Well, there are actually several ways, believe it or not!


Market Table

One way to enjoy your night out without busting your diet is by opting for the Market Table only dining preference. With 50 options to choose from and endless combinations that you create yourself, let me assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I never really ate too much off the Market Table for fear of filling up. But, that’s why it is such a good option- because you CAN fill up on the delicious vegetarian options on the Market Table! This menu is offered at lunch and dinner seven days a week featuring a colorful palate of natural, fresh and seasonal ingredients. During lunch Monday through Friday, it’s only $15!
There are countless combinations available at the Market Table for 100 calories or less – like a plate with single servings of Hearts of Palm, Artichoke Hearts and Papaya (only 25 calories). Other suggestions include:
  • Brazilian Kale and Orange Salad (60 calories per 2 oz. serving)
  • Quinoa Tabouleh (40 calories per 2 oz. serving)
  • Mozzarella Caprese Salad (85 calories per 2 oz. serving)
  • Add Protein: Fogo offers more than 10 fire-roasted meat options all under 200 calories per serving (guests can add these cuts a la carte in select markets or specifically request them as part of the Full Churrasco Experience)

Full Churrasco Experience

Another way to experience Fogo de Chão and still stay on track is with the Full Churrasco Experience. That’s right- you can eat the meat! As I’ve mentioned, my husband and brother-in-law of follow the Ketogenic diet, and meat, protein, and high fat are at the center of that diet! So enjoy the meats, and just skip the carbs and sugars that are offered!

Honestly, there are so many healthy options that it’s hard to go wrong at Fogo de Chão (unless you absolutely eat until you can’t eat anymore, which I have a tendency to do there!) We love Fogo de Chão and had an absolutely wonderful experience getting to try out the Full Churrasco Experience, plus all of the Market Table options. We also got to tour the kitchen, and learned that not only do the wonderful servers stop by and slice up meet for you every .5 seconds, but they also cut, season, and cook all of the meat, as well. Sort of like Meat Superheros!

Fogo de Chão is a great place to have lunch or dinner, even when you are on a diet or have specific health goals in mind. Suggest it next time, and I promise everyone will thank you for it!

Now, enjoy a mouthwatering peak into the rest of our delicious dinner!


Disclosure: I enjoyed a complimentary meal at Fogo de Chao in exchange for my honest review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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