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Simple Shopping with the Binxy Baby

Hey y’all!

With 3 little ones under 4 years old, getting out of the house to accomplish the smallest goal can be a nightmare. Like, a literal sweating, heart thumping nightmare. Don’t believe me? Have you ever tried pushing a baby in a click-in stroller, a buggy for your stuff, and running after two toddlers? Yea, tell me your palms aren’t sweaty at the thought of that. Or, I could ditch the stroller and put the baby’s carseat in the basket of my cart, one kid in the front seat, and one walking- but then, where do I put my groceries? I think I need a massage just thinking about it.

Luckily, Binxy Baby has created the perfect solution for baby! The Binxy Baby is basically a baby hammock for shopping carts, making your trips out with little ones so much more peaceful and spacious.

How It Works

The Binxy Baby is basically a baby hammock (side note: can I get one of these in adult size?!) You can clip it into any standard grocery store carts (unfortunately, not the great big ones like Costco, but those are big enough to fit a million kids anyway, am I right?). Once clipped onto the grocery cart, you can either place baby inside the hammock and buckle him in, or you can use the Binxy Baby to hold the whole carseat, if baby is sleeping or whatnot. The Binxy Baby holds up to 50 pounds in weight!


Of course, the Binxy Baby is safety tested and can be used for babies until about 6-8 months or when they can sit up on their own. In these early sleepy stages, just imagine how perfect this is for your little babe! I mean, how sweet is my little sleeper?

When you use it as a hammock for a carseat, there are extra steps and straps to make sure it can hold the additional weight, as well. Here’s a graphic of how to use it with a carseat.

Other Features

The best part of the Binxy Baby (in my opinion), is the fact that it holds baby up higher than he would be if you just set his carseat in the basket, allowing you to put your groceries underneath, freeing up almost the whole cart while still giving you a hands-free, stroller-free shopping trip. Plus, it rolls up very small, allowing you to keep it in the car or your diaper bag and pull it out if you happen to be going to a store!

The Binxy Baby can be found online here in 5 gorgeous prints for only $49.95. We’re sporting Indigo Dream, and I just bought Full Bloom for my sister-in-law, who is expecting a baby girl in March! If you buy through my affiliate link, you’ll receive 10% off! Be sure to follow Binxy Baby on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!



Disclosure: I was provided with free product in exchange for my honest review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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