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Baby Andres is 1 Month Old!

Hey y’all!

A month has gone by already! A whole month! I seriously can’t believe that my littlest love is a month old and has been home with us for 3 weeks already. He is seriously the easiest baby I’ve ever met, making this transition to life with 3 under 4 years old a lot easier than I ever thought!

This sweet boy is alert, happy, sweet, and loves snuggling. On the other hand, since he was a NICU baby, he likes to lay down to sleep and prefers sleeping in his bassinet or DockaTot over being held- good in the long run but I do love those baby snugs!

  • Weight: 8 lbs. 13 oz. (up almost 3 pounds from birth!)
  • Height: 21 (up 2 inches)
  • Sleeping: In a co-sleeper by our bed. Over the past few nights, I’ve actually gotten a few 5 hour stretches, which is awesome! After getting home from the NICU, they told us to keep waking him every 3 hours to make sure he was eating enough, but I don’t think this sweet kid has anything to worry about so I’ve decided to start letting him wake to eat whenever he wants! Usually, the routine is for him to eat/go to bed around 11 pm, wake up around 2 a.m., then for the day around 7 a.m. I usually pump and bottle feed him during the night because he’ll take the whole bottle and stay fuller longer, and when he nurses at night he falls asleep and doesn’t eat as much!
  • Eating: Nursing every 2 to 3 hours or taking a 3.5 oz bottle of pumped milk. We also have to add a scoop of high calorie formula into his breast milk 3 times a day just to make sure he is gaining weight (all preemies have to have this NeoSure 22) but hopefully he can get off that soon!
  • Waking: One to two times per night depending on when we fall asleep!
  • Wearing: 0-3m and 3m! I’ve packed away all his Preemie and NB clothes which is killing me!!
  • Diapers: 1s
  • Doing: Tummy time, laughing at his brother and sister, picking up his head, looking around, smiling sometimes, following noises and voices.

And now, more pictures of my sweet littlest one!




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