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Surviving the 4th Trimester with Rose & Candy

Hey y’all!

Did you know that the period after your new little bundle of joy enters the world is called the 4th trimester? It’s a period of change and development in your newborn, as he or she adjusts to her new world outside your womb, and you adjust to life as a new mama with this tiny little human that literally depends on you to survive. It’s a tough period for both mama and baby, as both are adapting to a new life. Moms no longer have the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want, let alone shower every day. It may sound silly, but anyone that’s ever had a baby knows that it can lead you to feel frumpy, ugly, gross, and not like yourself (and these are just the feelings I’ve felt this morning alone!) Yes, you just gave a human life, and yes you are probably sustaining that life with your boobs and are giving your all for that baby- what a beautiful thing! But, we are still human and need to feel (and look) like it, too.

Luckily for new mamas everywhere, a sweet brand named rose + candy feels our pain and has created the most unique, thoughtful gift- The 4th Trimester Box. What is the 4th Trimester Box? Basically, it is a bunch of super-useful  (and cute) items rose + candy has handpicked for mamas who want to feel like themselves again. It’s a boost, it’s a hug from mamas who have been there, it’s stuff, you can eat, wear, give away or tuck away for emergencies…ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Rose + candy 4th Trimester Box

Now, this is a true story. On the day that I received my 4th Trimester Box, my sister-in-law was coming over and we were going to take newborn pictures of our boys (born 1 day apart). Since she’s my sister-in-law, and I feel 100% comfortable with her, I was planning on staying in my pjs for the shoot, and had thrown my hair into a ponytail. Not a lick of make-up, nothing to make me feel pretty or like me, but it was easy. So, I opened up the 4th Trimester Box, just to take a peek at the goodies inside, and ended up looking “normal” within about 3 minutes. I swiped on some lipstick, used the dry shampoo, threw on the dress and scarf, and added the necklace and earrings. It was amazing the transformation I was able to make in less than 5 minutes with just the goodies in the box!

rose + candy 4th Trimester Box

rose + candy 4th trimester box

Every rose + candy 4th Trimester Box comes with a huge variety of exciting items that new moms will love, including:

Dress (one size fits all, perfect for nursing and hiding a post-baby bump!)
Zip Bag
Dry Shampoo
Hair Ties
Gold Bobby Pins
Mouth/Teeth Wipes
Shot of Coconut Oil
Organic Deodorant Wipes
Refreshing Facial Wipes
Il Morso Caffeinated Bites
and more…

rose + candy 4th Trimester Box

rose + candy 4th Trimester Box

rose + candy 4th Trimester Box

rose + candy 4th Trimester Box

rose + candy 4th Trimester Box

rose + candy was founded by Stephanie Wood and Tanya Nagaraja in the summer of 2016. Inspired by their own difficult postnatal experiences and disappointed in the gifts targeted toward new moms, they decided to create a line of thoughtful gift boxes filled with items uniquely geared towards providing some relief and convenience for tired, stressed mothers. To learn more about this awesome company and their amazing offering for moms, visit them online, Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram!



Disclosure: I received a free product from rose + candy in exchange for my review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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